GPS fleet tracking and dual-facing dash cam solutions for your vehicles, assets and drivers.

GPS Fleet Management Software that is simple to use, affordable, customizable and easy to install.

There’s no question that GPS fleet tracking software helps improve the operations of business fleets. At Azuga, we believe it should improve safety, as well. That's why every component of the Azuga GPS fleet telematics system is built with driver safety in mind. Upgrade to Azuga today and learn why 90% of our enterprise customers switched from a competitor.

Introducing the NEW Fleet Safety Dashcam.

Get the fleet dashcam system you need at a price you can afford.

Azuga GPS Fleet Management Software

Improve Productivity, Visibility and Driver Safety with the most powerful GPS Fleet Management System.

From the moment the first driver turns on the ignition until the last driver signs out, Azuga Fleet is on the job. Every mile, every stop, every vehicle and driver alert—every action is tracked, analyzed, and reported in real time. Safety data, such as speeding, hard braking, and sudden acceleration, help you and your drivers see where improvement is needed and monitor progress. With Azuga you can reduce accident-related driving behaviors by up to 88% while increasing productivity.

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How prepared is your fleet?

Learn how GPS Fleet Management can improve driver safety across your entire fleet of vehicles.

Azuga Fleet Tracking for Safety

Four steps to safer fleet management

Azuga Safe is a four-part improvement process that integrates safety into your daily operations—all while optimizing operations, building driver loyalty, reducing costs, and improving customer service.

Assess with Telematics

1. Evaluate and assess your Fleet.

Advanced diagnostics and reporting make it easy to assess vehicle health and driver performance at every turn. Driver scoring ensures you and your drivers know how safely they are—or are not—driving.

Azuga's Four Steps to a Safer Fleet

2. Take action.

With Azuga GPS Fleet Management tools in hand, address specific areas of vulnerability—from vehicle maintenance to individual driver coaching.

Fleet Management Software with Fleet Tracking Insights

3. Fleet insights.

Gain greater insight into your operations—from efficiency to safety using fleet telematics. See how your fleet stacks up against industry standards and best-in-class fleets.

Fleet Management Software with Ongoing Fleet Safety

4. Remove risks and increase driver safety.

In addition to drivers, Azuga Fleet extends the benefits of safety to your entire staff—managers, safety directors, accountants, operations specialists—and to partners, such as insurance providers and lenders.

See what the Azuga GPS Fleet Management Platform can do for your business.

Azuga Fleet Management Software & Fleet GPS Tracking App

Improve Driver Safety with the Fleet Tracking Mobile App.

Included with your Azuga Fleet subscription, Fleet Mobile keeps your fleet rolling safely mile after mile. Separate views for administrators and drivers ensures your entire team can work more efficiently, wherever they go. With the Azuga Driver Scoring model you can quickly assess which drivers are doing well and implement reward programs for improved driver engagement. Conversely, you can identify your most at-risk drivers and help them improve through customized training and gamification.

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GPS Fleet Tracking ROI

GPS Fleet Tracking ROI

GPS fleet tracking provides benefits to fleets of all sizes. Tell us about your fleet and see how Azuga Fleet can help your bottom line.

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GPS Fleet Management Solutions

Location GPS Fleet Tracking Icon

Fleet Vehicle Tracking

Azuga offers the flexibility needed to optimize fleet tracking operations. From small business to enterprise establishments—and everywhere in between—Azuga is here to serve your company at every turn.

Asset Tracking Icon

Asset Tracking

Enhance operations, reduce risk, and lower costs by tracking vital assets. With device options for both non-powered and powered assets, Azuga asset trackers are applicable across a range of industry-specific needs.

GPS Telematics Icon

Fleet Telematics

Maximize fleet efficiency with real time tracking of GPS data. Azuga's secure, accurate fleet telematics technology makes the process of gathering, analyzing, and leveraging data simple and straightforward.

Fleet Safety Icon

Fleet Safety

Prioritize fleet safety with performance updates delivered straight to drivers in real time, and the vehicle service notifications before an issue occurs or maintenance is required.

Driver Rewards on Fleet Tracking App Icon

Driver Rewards

Encourage good driving behavior by rewarding it. Our one-click rewards system incentivizes drivers to stay on top of their game, and makes it easy for them to cash in when they do.

eLogs Software for FMCSA ELD Mandate Icon


Above all, the most valuable asset in any industry is time and staying up to date on the latest compliance measures can take a lot of that. Azuga eLogs ensures that fleets are always in compliance.

Azuga Customer Reviews

Fleet Van
Fleet Vehicle

Air Engineers, A Service Experts Company

"Drivers have become accustomed to Azuga, are mindful of their driving behavior and the scores have improved dramatically."

Peter Veilleux

Operations Manager, Air Engineers

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Tribus Services

"Safety is incredibly important to the success of our business. Azuga has helped us positively modify driver behavior."

Kerry Waedekin

Fleet Manager

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APG Electric

"Being competitive by nature—being a bunch of construction workers and ground-pounders—we wanted to give it a shot and it’s been working really well. I like the user-friendliness of the Azuga webpage and I love the parameter controls. Plus, our Azuga rep is absolutely wonderful."

Hank Levesque

Fleet Manager

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"Azuga has been everything and more than expected, creating a highly engaged workforce, empowering each employee to modify his/her driving behavior in real-time."

Chris McKeeman


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