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Increase Your Efficiency With a Mobile Fleet Tracking App

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When you’re trying to maximize your fleet’s efficiency, you know that fleet tracking is the way to go. But to get the most out of your fleet tracking features, you’ll need a fleet tracking mobile app. Fleet tracking apps are available for both iPhones and Android devices and offer various features. When you’re selecting a mobile fleet tracking app for your business, you should look for specific features that will enhance your fleet’s efficiency. Otherwise, this app will not be of much use to you. This article will discuss the features you should look for when seeking out a GPS fleet tracking app. 

Manage Jobs

One of a fleet manager’s most important jobs is managing the tasks that come in for the fleet. Managers can easily assign these jobs to crew members out in the field with a mobile fleet tracking app. Furthermore, making any necessary changes becomes easier than ever. Meanwhile, crew members can view their assigned responsibilities from their phones in real-time. 

Tag Trips

Sorting out the various types of trips that drivers travel on makes it easy to know what your drivers are doing throughout the day. Find an app that lets drivers tag their trips as personal or business and highlights specific details about the trips, such as the starting point, stops, distance, idle time, destination, locations, and speed. Any information you need about a trip is available at your fingertips. 

Message Drivers

Any app that you select should have a messaging feature, as communication between you and your drivers is crucial to your efficiency throughout the day. The features of the messaging feature are critical as well. You should be able to send not only messages but also photos, videos, and locations, all within the fleet tracking app. This makes it easy to transmit any needed information throughout the day. 

Share Location

The best fleet tracking app allows your drivers to share their map locations and trip statuses. You can track where your drivers are in real-time, but with sharing ability, your drivers can share their location with customers. This helps your customers pinpoint their driver’s arrival time, improving your business’s customer service and ensuring that your driver and customer can work efficiently when the driver arrives. 

Track Maintenance Needs

Telematics doesn’t only track your driver’s location; it also tracks information about your fleet vehicles, such as maintenance needs. Of course, keeping your vehicles in their best shape ensures that your vehicles stay on the road, which maximizes your fleet’s efficiency. Fleet tracking tracks any issues that arise with your vehicle in real-time, allowing you to act on them as soon as possible. 

Link to Fleet Management Software

If your fleet tracking app doesn’t link to your fleet management app, it won’t be of much use. You need to make sure you can access job and customer information at a glance. This helps you streamline office operations, boost technician productivity, and deliver outstanding customer experiences. Make sure the fleet tracking app you select is a comprehensive fleet solution. 

Azuga’s Fleet Tracking App

If you’re looking for the best of the best when it comes to fleet tracking software and a fleet tracking app, Azuga has the solution for you. Azuga offers a comprehensive fleet tracking solution that includes fleet tracking software, a fleet tracking app, field service management software, and technology like dashcams and asset trackers that help you keep your drivers and assets safe. Azuga’s fleet tracking app, Fleet Mobile, has various features that make your fleet more efficient. 

  • Jobs: With this feature, managers can assign and manage jobs, and technicians can view their jobs right from their phones. 
  • Trip Logs and Tags: Classify trips as personal or business, and obtain any information you need regarding the trip, such as where the vehicle traveled and where it stopped. 
  • Messaging: Managers and drivers can send any information they need to one another, including pictures and videos.
  • TrackMe: Drivers can share their map locations with customers.
  • Maintenance: Track the fleet’s maintenance needs from the Fleet Mobile app. 
  • Azuga Works: The fleet tracking software links with Azuga’s state-of-the-art field service management software. 

To take any of these features for a spin, try out a demo of the app on our website. We’ve been experts in the fleet management sphere for years, and we can work with any size fleet to save you money, increase your productivity, and make you more efficient.