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“There’s a way to do it better - Find it!”
Thomas Edison

This week we turn our attention to the new Live Maps view in Azuga Fleet 2.0. This new interface is fully customizable, with several ways to change the layout to maximize the amount of data you need.

• Toggle between the new card view and the traditional table view in the left-hand pane

  • In Table view you can customize the table to show only the columns that matter to you
  • Configurable card-view is coming soon!

• Control the size of the map with the new slider tab (left-side middle of map)

• You may also notice that the map controls have been consolidated into a smaller number of menus to minimize distractions.

Weather plays a significant role in the safety of our fleets. Check out Azuga Fleet 2.0’s new weather map overlay to see temperatures and where precipitation may be falling.

There is a new “ticker board” that can slide up from the bottom of the map to show you some of your fleet vitals at a glance.  It's as easy to track as watching the ticker on ESPN or your favorite news channel!  Click

Tracking specific events couldn't be any easier! Sort the breadcrumb report by event type, time, date, or location.

Want to see your fleet in real-time or not? It's entirely up to you! Choose the interval at which you want the map to refresh... customer intervals, periodically, or instantly using the new Live Update settings feature in the top left of the map.  (note: this controls the frequency of map updates, not data collection)

Finally, Azuga Fleet’s new Resource Center is at the top of the screen, right in the middle. Here you can find information regarding product updates, a new ""how do I?"" section, an updated FAQ, and other valuable materials at your fingertips!

Azuga Fleet 2.0 provides you with the information you need when you need it. Want to learn more? Click --> here to watch a video tutorial.

If you love all things fleet, check out our new group on LinkedIn. Azuga Fleet Tech Talk is an online community of Azuga users, prospects, partners, and employees to share best practices and new innovations and discuss all things related to better Fleet Management and Fleet Safety.

If you manage anything on wheels for your business, this is a safe place to share questions and answers and learn from other Azuga users and Team Members. 

Click here → to request access! We look forward to seeing you there. 

With Azuga Fleet 2.0, managing your fleet has never been easier or more intuitive. Whether you're a fleet manager, fleet safety officer, or just looking for a better way to optimize your business operations, this new tool is everything you need and more.