GPS Fleet Tracking

See what Azuga can do for your fleet.

Not all fleet tracking solutions are the same.

From safety to savings, Azuga Fleet works for you and your drivers.

There’s no question that fleet tracking is beneficial; however, if it’s costly to install, complicated to operate, and characterized as Big Brother, it loses its shine—in the office and on the road. Azuga puts your team first. Azuga Fleet™ harnesses the power of GPS, vehicle diagnostics, and driver rewards to create a car, van, and truck tracking system that not only does the job, but makes everybody’s job easier to do.

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Real-time fleet tracking is as simple as:


White cargo van with green Azuga Tracker highlighted

Azuga Tracker OBDII

Simply plug Azuga Tracker into the OBDII port in each vehicle and capture all diagnostic data—no costly installation services required. View specs.


Laptop computer with Azuga Fleet software on the screen

Azuga Fleet

Log into Azuga Fleet, and gain instant insight into your operations—from safety, accountability, and driver rewards to fleet efficiency.


Smartphone with Azuga FleetMobile app on the screen

Azuga FleetMobile

Arm your drivers with Azuga FleetMobile, and keep your fleet rolling efficiently—from start to finish of every shift.

Good for drivers. Great for business.

Eric Sietsema, CTO
Sietsema Farms

We chose Azuga because its solution was easiest to use, install and implement, helping us to become more efficient, increasing productivity and safety among our drivers. We’re really happy we made the switch.

Laptop computer with Azuga Fleet software on the screen, smartphone with a driver's score on the screen, and an Azuga Tracker

Improve safety. Gain accountability.

Count on the vehicle tracking system that's built for safety.

Put fleet safety first.

Take advantage of information—such as speeding, hard braking, cell phone distractions, and service warnings—to keep both drivers and vehicles performing at their best.

Limit distractions.

Add DriveSafe and block smartphone distractions—such as texting, calling, and app use—when the vehicle is in motion.

Log and tag trips.

When a driver uses FleetMobile, data is captured from every vehicle he or she drives, creating a comprehensive trip log—trips can also be tagged as business or personal.

Put diagnostics to work.

Leverage the valuable information— captured every time your fleet is dispatched—to maximize efficiency, reduce operating costs, and reward top drivers.

Azuga Fleet Tracking Reports

Optimize efficiency. Capitalize on reporting.

See how Fleet GPS tracking improves operations fleet wide.

Fleet Maintenance
Streamline dispatching.

Schedule calls, assign team members, and send automated dispatch notifications. Check status, duration, drive time, and miles traveled for every call.

Fleet Maintenance
Keep tabs on your fleet.

Use the live map view to see where your fleet is at all times. Job, driver, speed, location, and weather information is available instantly.

Fleet Maintenance
Get the most out of every vehicle.

Add Scheduled Maintenance and receive vehicle alerts instantly, enabling your service team to perform maintenance work before a costly repair is needed.

Fleet Maintenance
Capitalize on insightful reports.

Gain a deeper understanding of vehicle usage, operating costs, and driver performance with reports that help you optimize fleet operations. Need custom reports? We provide them free of charge.

 Two smartphones, each displaying a FleetMobile app screen—one with a driving score and the other with reward card options

Reward good driving.

Reward driver excellence.

Great drivers are invaluable—reward and retain them. Fleet features a rewards program that’s easy to administer, and drivers love.

Simplify timecards.

Add TimeCard, and FleetMobile makes it easy for drivers to track time in real time, and submit timecards right from their phones.

Increase efficiency.

Leverage a range of built-in utilities, such as vehicle health monitoring, navigation, tracking, parked vehicle location, and third-party apps.

See what fleet tracking can do for your business.

White cargo van with green Azuga Tracker highlighted

Capture the data you need.

OBDII Device

Plugged In



GPS Tracking

Not Tracking

Beacon Unused


Calls Received

Calls Made

Calls Ended

SMS Sent


Low Battery

Check Engine Light

Low Fuel

Panic Alert

Sensor Alert

Temperature Sensor


Ignition On

Ignition Off


Stop Time


Idling Started

Idling Underway

Idling Ended


Speeding Ended

Sudden Acceleration

Speeding Started


Posted Speed Limit


Hard Braking

Hardcore Braking

Laptop computer with speeding incident report on the screen

Get the reports you want.


View each vehicle’s movement and events, point by point.

Geofence Duration

Learn when vehicles enter and exit a geofenced area, and how long they stay there


See which vehicles exceeded the speed limit as specified in your Speeding Alert settings.


Learn when and where stops were made, and if stops were made near a known landmark.


See how long a vehicle idled, where it idled, and if it idled near a known landmark.


See the number of Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) reported by vehicle; drill down to view more detail about the code(s).


View fleet-wide alerts in one place, eliminating the need to sift through emails to find alerts.

State Mileage

See how many miles a vehicle has been driven by state.

Posted Speed

Based on posted speed limits, see when and where drivers were speeding.

Who Was Where

Find out where a vehicle was on a specific date or which vehicles were at a specific address.

Driver History

View vehicle-to-driver associations, including miles driven by each driver on each vehicle.

Driver Score

View drivers’ scores based on individual performance and relative to other drivers. Use this report to push rewards to drivers.

Time Card

View shift and payroll information provided by drivers via the Azuga FleetMobile app. Shift reports can be exported for further processing.


Schedule reports to run and send automatically. Team members receive reports, via email, with PDF or Excel files attached.


Need custom reports? No problem. We'll set them up for you whenever you need them.

See what Azuga Fleet can do for your business.

Expand your Fleet.

Choose one or more add-on features and do even more with Fleet.

Roadside Assistance

Get the emergency service you need, where you need it. From a tow, jump start, or tire change to fuel delivery, you're covered.

Scheduled Maintenance

Reduce vehicle downtime and costly repairs by planning, viewing, and managing vehicle maintenance.


Reduce costs by directing drivers to the closest gas station, in their vicinity, with the cheapest fuel.


Know when, where, and under what driving conditions speeding occurs, relative to the posted speed limited.

Azuga Coach

Improve driving behaviors with personalized online video-based coaching.

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