Learn how Azuga Fleet benefits insurance companies

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Reduce Speeding by 69 Percent with Telematics
Reduce Speeding by 69 Percent with Telematics

Drive your combined ratio down.

Partner with Azuga and make the commercial fleets you insure safer with insurance telematics.

Mitigate risk with insurance telematics.

See how Azuga scoring models improve your loss ratio, mile after mile.

Based on data from more than 3,500 commercial fleets, 4 billion cumulative miles, 300 million cumulative trips—plus accident reports—our proprietary scoring models bring an unprecedented level of accuracy to safety assessment. Add Azuga Fleet to your fleet insurance plans, and you not only have data at your fingertips to reduce risk in underwriting, but provide a solution that your customers use every day, increasing customer retention.

Disrupt the fleet insurance trend. Deploy Azuga.

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Source for 2009–2019F: Conning Inc.Property/Casualty Forecast & Analysis First Q2017; Commercial Auto Year-End 2016
Historical Data from A.M. Best

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Azuga improves driving behaviors, reducing the frequency and severity of accidents by more than 50% on average.

When commercial fleets use Azuga, insurance companies benefit.

Reduce Risk with Telematics

Reduce risk.

With an emphasis on driver behavior modification, Azuga gives insurance companies better visibility when underwriting new policies. Gauge the risk levels of a fleet more accurately with metrics around driver behavior, accidents, and other driving events. Reduce your claims and increase your revenue through proactive monitoring. Measure ROI in terms of your combined ratio for proof that Azuga can be a game changer for your business.

Reduce Risk with Telematics

Boost customer retention.

Add Azuga Fleet to your insurance plans, and you not only reduce risk, but provide a solution that your customers use every day, giving them one more reason to partner with you for the long haul. Azuga helps increase safe driving practices, creates efficiencies to companies’ bottom lines, and can even reward great drivers.

Take a look inside Azuga’s Fleet Driver Scoring model.

See how driver scoring benefits commercial fleet insurance companies.

Based on data gathered by Azuga Tracker, via the vehicle’s OBDII port, comprehensive contextual driving behavior is assessed and used to calculate each driver’s accident risk. Data is combined with Azuga Fleet Safety Intelligence to produce a normalized score, ensuring an unbiased comparison of performance within a group or fleet.

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Driver Score

Driver Score

Driving behaviors—such as braking, speeding, acceleration, and cornering—are scored individually, then combined to produce the overall driver score. The scoring algorithm incorporates a number of factors, including vehicle type, time of day, and weather, plus event magnitude, duration, and frequency. Each factor is weighted by the level of risk it poses.

Insurance Risk Score

Insurance Score

Exposure and driving behaviors—such as braking, speeding, and acceleration—are factored into the Insurance Risk Score, providing a more holistic view of risk. Total accident risk is based on aggregated parameters, such as traffic congestion and unfamiliar roads. Zip codes are assigned risk scores using weighted factors from real-time weather and traffic conditions to historic accident rates. As a result, our scoring system determines an individual driver's risk with proven accuracy. 

Driver Score
Accident Prediction for Fleets with Azuga Driver Scores

Accident Risk

Accident models based on data from several large fleets—more than 6,000 vehicles total—show a strong correlation between Azuga Driver Scores and accident prediction. Add exposure to the scoring model, and data shows that insurer risk decreases by 48.6% whenever the Insurance Score increases by 10 points.

Fleet tracking is only effective if your customers use it. Azuga makes it easy.

Fleet tracker used by telematics insurance companies

Azuga Tracker OBDII

Easy to install

Your customers simply plug Azuga Tracker into the OBDII port in each vehicle and capture all diagnostic data—no costly installation services required.

Fleet operation data about telematics insurance

Azuga Fleet

Easy to use

From safety, accountability, and driver rewards to efficiency, your customers gain instant insight into fleet operations. Drivers receive safety scores in real time, reinforcing skills at every turn.

Customer support provided by insurance telematics companies

Azuga Customer Care

Unlimited support

When it comes to support, count on our experienced team to take exceptional care of your customers and help them get the most from Fleet. Available by phone and online, we're only a click or a call away.

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Learn how Azuga Fleet benefits insurance companies.

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