The Best Approach to Truck Fleet Management

The Best Approach to Truck Fleet Management

Azuga Fleet™ is here to simplify your trucking logistics and improve your fleet’s overall productivity.

Improve Visibility, Safety,and Cost Management with Our Truck Fleet Management Software

Optimize Your Fleet with Solutions that Work

There are a lot of moving parts in fleet management, making it difficult to meet your fleet's every need. Azuga telematics uses data directly from your trucks, giving you more visibility than ever before. Features such as route planning and geofencing make trucking fleet management simpler than ever.

Fleet Management

How can fleet management software help you stay on budget?

How can trucking fleet management software help to optimize my fleet?

Can I use trucking fleet management software on my phone?

What features should I look for in fleet management software?

Improve safety. Gain accountability.

Count on the GPS fleet management software that's built for safety.

Fleet Safety
Put fleet safety first.
Fleet Safety
Put diagnostics to work.
Fleet Safety
Limit distractions.
Fleet Safety
Log and tag trips.

Protecting Your Assets at All Times

How You Can Ensure Your Investments are Always Protected with Asset Tracking

Whether it’s road signs, generators, or other heavy equipment, your investment is worth protecting. Azuga truck asset management tools help you see where your equipment is in real time and gives you the confidence to manage your fleet from afar.

Asset tracking helps you:

  • Optimize dispatch
  • Reduce equipment loss
  • Simplify billing
  • Increase utilization

Features You Can Count On

  • Rechargeable and long-life asset trackers work from 6 months or up to 5 years.
  • Geofencing helps managers know when equipment arrives or leaves a job site and you’ll gain insights on how long each vehicle was within your set perimeter.. You can even set alerts for authorized times of use to reduce waste and theft.
  • Simplified and detailed billing due to greater visibility of your assets. Easy-to-read reports will clearly show deployment and usage for each of your trucks.
 Pest Control Fleet

Is trucking fleet telematics easy to use?

Where is a GPS tracking device installed in a vehicle?

Can fleet telematics help me improve driver behavior and training?

Optimize efficiency. Capitalize on reporting.

See how GPS Fleet Management Software with fleet tracking improves operations fleet-wide.

Fleet Safety
Keep tabs on your fleet.
Fleet Safety
Streamline dispatching.
Fleet Safety
Get the most out of every vehicle.
Fleet Safety
Capitalize on insightful reports.
Fleet Safety
Keep tabs on your fleet.
Fleet Safety
Streamline dispatching.
Fleet Safety
Get the most out of every vehicle.
Fleet Safety
Capitalize on insightful reports.

Learn What Telematics Can Do for Your Trucking Fleet

Let Azuga Fleet™ Go to Work for You

Telematics devices provide the visibility and ease you need to run your fleet safely and efficiently. Azuga telematics goes a step further by providing detailed reports on fuel consumption, driver behavior, and much more. Our software can also help you remain ELD compliant and violation-free with hours of service tracking and alerts. Azuga makes truck fleet risk management easier for you and your drivers alike.

 Productivity, Safety, & Your ROI

How can telematics help with fleet maintenance?

What are maintenance alerts?

Can telematics for fleet maintenance help me stay DOT compliant?

From safety to savings, Azuga Fleet works for you and your drivers.

Fleet Management Software

Field Management Software

Azuga Works, the best field service management software, is a cloud-based solution that helps growing field service companies manage operations end-to-end.

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Azuga Fleet Dashboard

Azuga Fleet

Log into Azuga Fleet, and gain instant insight into your operations—from safety, accountability, and driver rewards to fleet efficiency.

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Fleet Mobile

Azuga FleetMobile

Arm your drivers with Azuga FleetMobile, and keep your fleet rolling efficiently—from start to finish of every shift.

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Azuga Dashcam

Be prepared for anything that comes your way, with smart detection software and the accuracy of our new dashcam, SafetyCam.

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Fleet Maintenance Management for Safer, More Reliable Trucks

Learn How You Can Reduce Maintenance Costs & Avoid Downtime

It’s not always easy to know what’s wrong with your fleet vehicles. An issue such as a delayed oil change or tire misalignment can easily turn into costly repairs and unwanted downtime. At the very least, your fleet isn’t running as efficiently as it should be and this can seriously cost some companies. Not only can this increase fuel consumption, but you could see decreased vehicle lifespans, and even increased risk for your drivers. Azuga telematics devices help you stay on top of preventative maintenance, reduce costs, and limit liability.

Maintenance & More Features Your Fleet

Benefits of Fleet Maintenance

  • Improved driver safety and satisfaction
  • Improved customer retention by avoiding delays and breakdowns
  • Longer lasting vehicles and better resale value
  • Lower fuel and repair costs
  • Better testing and inspections

Why Azuga is the choice of trucking industry fleets

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Smith & Solomon

"We’ve tried a lot of fleet tracking solutions and none of them could beat Azuga at its combination of amazing price, easy reporting features, and reliability. We’re still learning new applications for all that Azuga can do. It has everything we were looking for and is the best bang for our buck."

Chris Barbayanni

Fleet Director, Smith & Solomon

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Ko Olina Transportation

"With its real-time availability, Azuga Fleet lets us operate our entire fleet as efficiently as possible and deliver superior customer service to our clients."

Denny Walker

General Manager

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"Azuga has been everything and more than expected, creating a highly engaged workforce, empowering each employee to modify his/her driving behavior in real-time."

Chris McKeeman


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