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Fleet Management for Construction Best Practices

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If you’re running a construction business, you’re always looking for ways to become more efficient and streamlined while cutting costs. One of the best ways to do this is by implementing technology like fleet management software. If you’re not using fleet management software to handle your day-to-day needs, you may be at a disadvantage against your competitors. Fleet management software assists you across all aspects of construction fleet operations. This article will discuss fleet management for construction and how this software can help. 

Fleet and Asset Tracking

For a construction company, this is one of the most critical features. For a full breakdown of the benefits of GPS tracking for a construction fleet, check out our blog article, “Why Your Construction Company Needs GPS Tracking.” However, we will go over the basics of its benefits below.

  • Maximize Productivity: Construction fleet tracking tells you where vehicles are, when they start and stop, and when the ignition is turned on or off. Furthermore, workers who know they are being monitored are more likely to remain on track.
  • Utilize Crew/Assets Effectively: With vehicle and asset tracking, you can stay up to date on how everything is being used on-site.
  • Track Assets: With vehicle and asset tracking, you can follow how everything is used on-site.
  • Reduce Fuel Use: Track behaviors like idling and take advantage of route optimization software.
  • Prevent Theft: Use asset tracking to know where your assets are at all times and get alerts when they aren’t where they’re supposed to be. 

Simplify Invoicing

Invoicing is one of the most significant challenges that construction companies face. This is because construction projects are constantly changing in size and changing stakeholders. When this happens, tracking payments and invoices becomes difficult, and the process often leads to disputes. It costs even more to the business if these disputes aren’t handled properly. 

Fleet management software helps you meet your deadlines, which already helps eliminate some of these disputes and protect your payments. However, it goes above and beyond by providing the data necessary to protect yourself in light of an invoicing conflict. You can easily access information on the hours a piece of equipment was in use or was en route to a specific location. If a client ever disputes the hours you bill, you can use this information to prove that it is consistent with the hours on your invoice. 

Optimize Delivery Routes

We briefly mentioned route optimization earlier, but it is an essential feature for construction fleets that comes with many advantages. You know better than anyone that all kinds of road issues can cause delays, but route optimization software can help you minimize these problems. The software uses algorithms and machine learning to find the most efficient route that includes any necessary stops. It avoids delays like traffic, school zones, and construction zones. Your business likely has a well-detailed schedule, and route optimization software helps you carry it out effectively. It also enables you to save on fuel along the way. Fuel is any fleet’s highest cost, which is also a significant advantage. 

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