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Best Fuel Cards for Large Fleets

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Fuel is an immense cost for any size fleet, but particularly for large fleets. It can make up to 60% of a fleet’s entire budget, so naturally, fleet managers are always looking for a way to cut fuel costs. 

Fleet managers can use fleet management software to monitor fuel-wasting practices like idling and unauthorized vehicle use. This method goes a long way, but another that fleets like to use is the fleet gas card. A fleet gas card or fuel card is a payment method that fleets use to purchase fuel at gas stations. It is similar to a credit card, with additional benefits related to fuel purchases such as discounts and other pricing deals. Usually, these cards come equipped with apps that help track spending at gas stations. There are many different fuel cards with all sorts of options available, so it can be hard to choose what is best for your fleet. Luckily, we’re here to help you narrow down the best choices. 

BP Business Solutions Mastercard

BP is a good option for large fleets because it offers the Business Solutions Mastercard. Fleets can use this card at any station in the US that accepts Mastercard, and as long as a fleet buys more than 5,000 gallons of fuel per month, there are no monthly fees attached to the card. However, rebates and other discounts only apply at participating Amaco or BP stations. There are many benefits to the BP card, such as: 

  • There are plenty of participating gas stations on the east coast
  • Schedule payments at your fleet’s convenience
  • During the first three months of using the card, earn rebates of 15 cents per gallon
  • Track purchases made outside of working hours

There are some cons to the BP card. One major drawback is that there is not currently an app to locate gas stations in the network. Furthermore, there is not a lot of coverage in the West and Midwest, though you can still pay with the card at out of network gas stations. However, if your fleet does a lot of driving in the East and wants to enjoy these benefits, this may be the card for you! 


Fuelman is the best card if you’re looking to save money on every gallon. Their Saver Cards offer particularly generous rebates, such as 10 cents per gallon at Pilot, Speedway, Kwik Trip, TA Express, and Petro. You also save 2 cents at other Fuelman locations. Fuelman’s benefits include: 

  • A carbon emissions offsetting option
  • Generous fuel rebates programs
  • Many packages so you can choose how much you pay
  • Tax and IFTA reporting 

Unfortunately, this card does not cover very many gas stations in the Northeast. However, fleets that take advantage of their Universal Fleet Card can circumvent this problem, which offers lower savings but covers 160,000 stations across the country. 


The most significant benefit of the WEX card is its range. WEX cards can be used at 95% of all fuel stations across the country, making its coverage impeccable. Their gas cards earn fleets 3 cents off per gallon for significant savings on fleet management costs. While the cards cost $2 monthly to use, they quickly pay for themselves. Here is a list of WEX’s benefits: 

  • Can be used at a wide range of gas stations
  • Includes apps for drivers such as a station-finder and mobile payments
  • WEX offers Azuga integration, meaning you can track fuel spending from your fleet management dashboard

There are greater savings available from other fleet card programs, but they can’t be as widely used as WEX, so it is definitely worth looking into if your fleet travels all over the country. 


ExxonMobil is the most customizable fleet card program. Fleets can customize what stations they can get fuel from, how they pay, and what features they need on their ExxonMobil plan. For this reason, they only offer one plan and let fleets customize it to fit their needs. There are even upgrades fleets can get to enjoy even more savings. Some of the benefits of ExxonMobil’s plan include: 

  • No membership fees if you only use Exxon and Mobil stations
  • Exxon Mobil Rewards+ allows you to earn bigger rebates
  • Use all of the apps that come with WEX because the card is issued by WEX

Keep in mind that ExxonMobil gas stations are not as common on the West coast, so if you do not want monthly fees, it may be harder on that side of the country. There are also additional fees when you sign up to carry a balance. However, this card is highly customizable, so if you’re looking for a fuel card your way, this may be the option for you! 


There are so many fuel card options out there that one of them is sure to work out for your fleet. The options listed here are the best of the best for large fleet businesses, so be sure to check them out first on your search. Also, be sure to look into saving on fuel costs with Azuga’s fleet management software. Reach out to a representative from Azuga today to see what will work best for you!