Small Business GPS Fleet Tracking

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Keeping customers happy, drivers attentive, balance sheets straight—you're in a hundred places at once, and you probably don't think of your business as small. So, neither do we. Azuga Fleet carries the power of enterprise-size solutions, with simplicity and savings that fit your specific needs.

Keep things running smoothly with precise GPS tracking, vehicle diagnostics, driver coaching, and the added security of Azuga SafetyCam. We’re here to take your drivers’ safety—and your service—to the next level.

Azuga vehicle tracking for small business works your way.

Our fleet tracking software is built with you in mind. Customize features and reports, and choose a level of service that fits your priorities. Whether it’s simple, compliance-based tracking, efficiency-boosting vehicle and driver data, or comprehensive fleet telematics that give you an eye in every cab, Azuga has the technology you need at a price you can afford.

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Adaptable Interface

Run your business your way, with our customized reports and features that work for you.

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Easy Installation

Install Azuga Trackers yourself—in a matter of minutes. It's so simple that professional installation is not required.

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Outstanding Support

Our award-winning support team sets up your software and helps you out whenever you need it.

Take the wheel with confidence, and a little help from us.

Reduced citations by

on average

Enhance fleet-wide accountability.

Location, stops, idle time and more—Azuga Fleet makes is easy to track drivers on the job. You can monitor and curb wasteful habits such as excessive idling, heavy acceleration, and hard braking, and set custom geofences to keep deliveries on track. When payday arrives, you’ll know you’re paying the right amount for the right work.

Small business fleet tracking systems online

Bryan Dardar, VP of Stationary Services
Nolan Power Group

You can pull up that map, know where all your assets are, if technicians have completed the job, standing still for 3 hours or if they haven’t gotten there yet.

Put your drivers in the fast lane to success.

Instead of costly training programs, Azuga provides real-time coaching of drivers via in-vehicle notifications and personalized Azuga Coach training videos. You can ensure your drivers are aware of problematic driving habits that they may need to correct.

Reduce accidents by

on average

Improve driver safety and reduce claims.

We pride ourselves on a unique, safety-focused fleet management approach that truly puts you behind the wheel. All of our software and hardware is geared toward providing safety and savings.

Reduce high-risk driving behavior by up to 88%.

Azuga-equipped vehicles can provide in-cab safety alerts, integrated dashcam monitoring, and driver-specific coaching, all of which work together to make your fleet safer. Additionally, the data you collect from Azuga Fleet can be given to your insurance provider, often resulting in reduced premiums.

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Azuga customers report:

  • Fewer traffic citations; a reduction of 57% on average
  • Fewer accidents; a reduction of 38% on average
  • Annual savings of $9,462 on average
Benefits of using Azuga's small business GPS fleet tracking

Based on key safe-driving criteria, see how each driver scores.

Business GPS tracking systems that provide driver score reports

Drive Azuga Safe.

Azuga builds safer driving habits fleet-wide, reduces risk of accidents and claims, and includes driver rewards that give your team active incentives to practice safety. In-cab alerts, dashcams, and tailored training videos help drivers raise their game—and their scores. Take a few minutes and see how Azuga can make your fleet safer.

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Azuga reports are made for your business.

Leverage actionable reports to optimize operations fleet-wide.

Stay on top of things from anywhere with Azuga Fleet for small business.

Azuga Fleet and FleetMobile ensure you can monitor and manage fleet performance from anywhere. Read reports, see videos uploaded from SafetyCam dash cameras, and compare your performance to other fleet standards across your industry.

Steve Mihalic
Owner, Courtice Auto Wreckers

I can configure Azuga’s fleet tracking software exactly the way I want and get to the information I need quickly and easily.

Let's break it down.

On day one, we appoint a dedicated representative who knows your industry, and who will work to know your business, customer base, and your big ideas for the future. We’re dedicated to giving you what you need to achieve your goals, so Azuga Fleet matches your priorities with our precise, customized reports.

Grow your business, and we grow with you.

Choose how often you receive your reports, and what information they contain that’s most valuable to you. You can change your preferences at any time, and if you add new devices, they don't carry new contracts. We keep it simple, so you can do more.

Reduce transit time by

on average

Increase efficiency, driver productivity and improve customer service.

You can get a look at your vehicles in real time, allowing you to keep an eye out for any issues that affect your customers. Help your drivers keep on the most efficient route available, and help your company cut the guesswork out of any expense calculations.

Elevated service and lower expenses go hand-in-hand.

Monitor your expenses for fuel, labor, and repairs, so you can pinpoint ways to improve and cut costs. Additionally, you can track the amount of time your drivers spend on the road and at each stop, allowing you to encourage and reward efficiency from your team.

Online dashboard of savings for small business GPS fleet tracking

Keep vehicles in great shape.

When it comes to vehicle maintenance, Azuga Fleet keeps you ahead of the curve. Proven to reduce wear and tear by 50% on average, Azuga saves you money. When it’s time for a vehicle to be repaired or replaced, simply move the Azuga Tracker to the new vehicle, eliminating any gap in oversight.

Get real-time tracking capabilities on every vehicle.

When customers come to you for answers in a pinch, you’ll have everything you need right at your fingertips. With our breadcrumb interface and the Azuga FleetMobile app, the power of our entire network is truly in your hands.

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Acknowledge a job well done.

Reward safe driving behaviors.

Azuga driver rewards are earned through safe driving practices, and are redeemable easily through our FleetMobile app at places drivers love. Retain your best employees, and give those who need a little improvement the incentive they need to raise their game. The result: more reliable service for your customers, and less time and revenue loss to unsafe driving.

Put scores and rewards in your drivers' hands.

Azuga safety rewards are definitely good for drivers, and they'll be great for your business.

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