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70% of accidents are not the fault of your drivers.

With DashCam, you can prove it.

Capture your driver's viewpoint with Azuga DashCam.

Add DashCam to Fleet and reduce your liability.

A picture is worth a thousand words—it also improves your safety record and reduces premiums. With our vehicle camera system, you see how your drivers perform. By capturing your driver’s view of the road, your company—and your insurance provider—have a first-hand perspective of traffic violations and accidents. As a result, claims can be processed more quickly.

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Dual Camera
170-Degree Wide-Angle Lens
Built-in Microphone
Dual SD Slot

Tamper Resistant
4G Cellular
Real-Time Notifications

Take safety training to a new level.

When an incident occurs, review the video recording with the driver and provide coaching. Have a new driver? Ride along virtually, watch the road, and converse with the driver. DashCam's microphone makes it safe and easy.

When it comes to safety and savings, seeing is believing.

  • Send and share videos wirelessly.

  • View and store video in Fleet.

  • Receive accident notifications immediately.

  • Exonerate drivers with undeniable evidence.

  • Reduce claim resolution times.

  • Reduced insurance premiums.

See what DashCam can do.

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