70% of accidents are not the fault of your drivers. Fleet dashcam video proves it.

Azuga SafetyCam dash camera for trucks and commercial vehicles

Introducing the SafetyCam, the smart dual-facing fleet dash camera.

Get the fleet dashcam technology you need at a price you can afford.

Be prepared for anything that comes your way with smart detection software and the accuracy of our new dual-facing dashcam. The all new smart SafetyCam camera captures both front-facing road events and in-cab driver behavior, giving you a clear picture of what’s happening on the road when it matters most. Protect your drivers, and your business, with the ability to exonerate yourself when the drive is not at fault.

Fleet dash camera and GPS tracking software

Simple yet powerful, the smartest fleet dashcam is there when you need it.

Dashcam for drivers.

  • Monitor risky driving behaviors.

  • Reward safe and efficient drivers.

  • Retain your best team members.

  • Build mutual trust.

Dashcam for business.

  • Receive instant accident reports.

  • Exonerate drivers with undeniable video evidence.

  • Reduce insurance claim resolution times.

  • Lower your insurance premiums.

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Accidents are costly.

See what unsafe driving could cost you.

Average cost without injuries:


Average cost with injuries:


Average cost with fatalities:*


*Source: https://www.constructionequipment.com/true-costs-fleet-accidents

Learn why the dashcam built for safety is the smart choice

Protect your business and your drivers with an undisputed virtual eyewitness.

A panic button, located on the dashcam's underside, allows the driver to trigger a road event recording manually.

Mount SafetyCam to the windshield or rearview mirror in seconds—the sticky pad makes it easy.

The front-facing, wide-angle HD camera (1080p) captures the whole road.

Dual-Facing Fleet Dashcam

Capture the road.

SafetyCam looks both ways.

Capture the in-cab view of the driver.

Angle and tilt your view easily to suit your needs: SafetyCam is ready to ride in cars, vans, and trucks of any size and model. Plug it in, stick it on, and you're all set.

Four low-intensity LED lights keep your driver visible during nighttime drives, without causing a distraction.

Dual-lens capabilities capture both the road and the cab in full 1080p HD resolution, so you get every detail in perfect clarity.

Clear status indicators let drivers know SafetyCam is properly powered, connected, and looking out for them.

Fleet Dashcam with GPS

Smart Dash Camera

Front-Facing Road View

155-degree-view in 1080p HD

In-Cab Driver View

120-degree view in 1080p HD with soft LED illumination

Microphone and Speaker

1.66 in. (h) x 4.18 in. (w) x 1.62 in. (d)

Automatic Recordings

Event Detection

Activated by tracking device, or by driver-activated panic button

Auto Upload and Download

Event plus six seconds before and five seconds after

On-Demand Video Retrieval

Request clips during a specific date and time from available video footage

Dashcam Video Storage


64GB Class 10 SD card (included)

Recording Length

40-70 trip hours in HD; longer at lower resolutions

Simple to Use

Flexible Power

Vehicle battery, cigarette lighter adapter, or OBD-II cable

Easy Installation

Windshield or rear-view mirror; adhesive-based adjustable mount

Don't settle for half of the story, see both sides clearly with the dual facing Dash Cam.

When a road event occurs, get the whole picture with the smartest dual-facing camera on the market. SafetyCam video, backed by the power of Azuga Fleet, provides the tools you need to keep your drivers on top of their game. Start protecting your most important asset, your people.

Front-facing road view

Protect your drivers with an unquestionable eyewitness. The dash camera's 155-degree view captures the entire road in full HD (1080p), so you get a crystal-clear record of any incident. We hope your drivers never get in an accident but SafetyCam is there for them if they do.

In-cab driver view

We get it: you're a business, not a babysitter. SafetyCam uploads only what you need to know in the cloud as it happens, and records the rest to an SD card. Improve driver safety and efficiency, without sacrificing morale.

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Safe. Smart. Simple.

Azuga Fleet seamlessly integrates SafetyCam recordings into your fleet tracking reports. Everything you need is in one place. From vehicle data, driver safety scores, and dashcam video Azuga has you covered. This means you’ll get powerful insights with each report. After all, it’s just as important to understand why a risky behavior occurred. Improve driver safety, efficiency, and accountability.

Dashcam photos in commercial fleet tracking reports

Safety, not surveillance.

We understand that trust is a two-way street. That’s why SafetyCam commercial dashcams only upload the important events you need to see, while keeping the rest of the trip on an SD card. You don't get overloaded with unnecessary data, and your drivers feel protected and positive. But if something happened that wasn’t reported, it’s there on the SD card for your review. If you'd rather keep your eyes on the road and out of the cab, SafetyCam can be used as a road-facing camera only.

Truck dash cam videos for immediate viewing

Stand by your drivers from anywhere.

When every minute counts, get the story straight in just seconds. View SafetyCam videos on Azuga Fleet from your smartphone, the instant they upload. You'll have the answers you need, when you need them, right in the palm of your hand.

How does the Safety Dash Cam with GPS work?

SafetyCam communicating wirelessly

The dashcam communicates wirelessly with Azuga Tracker, plugged into the OBD-II port.

Fleet Dashcam recording to SD card

The dashcam records to its on-board SD card, until triggered by a risky driving event.

SafetyCam creating video clips

When triggered, dashcam creates a video clip of the event, starting from six seconds before.

Dashcam video clip transmitting to fleet trackers

Five seconds after the event, the video clip is transmitted in the cloud to Azuga Tracker and paired with vehicle data.

GPS Tracker uploading video clips

Azuga Tracker uploads the combined video clip and vehicle data to Azuga's secure servers.

SafetyCam receiving Azuga Fleet alerts

You can receive alerts from Azuga Fleet and instantly view SafetyCam videos through your private account.


Have questions? Get answers.

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Is it possible to download and share event videos?

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Can the dashcam record audio?

How is the dashcam powered?

How is the dashcam installed?

How does the commercial dashcam help with driver safety?

If I install truck dashcams, will I receive benefits through my insurance company?

Does the dashcam have distracted-driving detection and fatigue monitoring?

See what SafetyCam fleet dash cameras can do for your fleet.

This technology is about so much more than keeping tabs on your fleet drivers. It can alert you to risky driving practices and give you the context for hard braking or other behaviors. It also provides you with evidence in the case of an accident or other incident, allowing for quicker insurance claims and reducing the risk of lawsuits. What can SafetyCam do for your fleet? We’d love to show you.

See the Dashcam in Action

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