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Keep your fleet running smoothly with Azuga Scheduled Maintenance.

Azuga's approach to fleet maintenance ensures longer vehicle life and continuous monitoring of vehicle health.

Managing your fleet's maintenance doesn't have to be a painful paper-driven process. Azuga Scheduled Maintenance helps you avoid losses, save fuel, increase safety, and lower maintenance costs.

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Maintenance Dashboard

Provides you with a quick snapshot of vehicles that require immediate attention and vehicles that have already passed a due date (overdue).

Service Entries & History

Create and maintain the list of all the services for your entire fleet while preserving historical service records, including scanning and uploading receipts.

Alerts & Reminders

Trigger alerts and notifications for service due, oil changes, engine hours, mileage and any other type of preventative services.

Better Fleet Safety

Properly maintaining brakes, tires, coupling devices, and other mechanical systems and parts can lower your risk for collisions. In fact, a study conducted for the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration found that 27% of accidents involving one truck and one passenger vehicle were caused by brake problems.

Increase Fleet Reliability

Loss in productivity, man-hours spent as your drivers sit on the side of the road, and the costs associated with any damage to goods and equipment could be detrimental to your business.

Lower Fuel Costs

Automotive Fleet Magazine reports that proper maintenance can improve fuel economy by as much as 40% and the U.S. Department of Energy states that proper tire pressure can improve your gas mileage by 0.6% on average—up to 3% in some cases.

Driver Satisfaction

Having the right tools to complete the job at hand is part of employee satisfaction, this includes a reliable work vehicle.

What is Azuga Scheduled Maintenance?




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"Predictive maintenance keeps fleets highly available and running, providing service, and generating revenue. It helps fleets keep vehicles utilized for longer without buying a new truck. Managers now have the ability to be proactive instead of reactive within their fleets. The ability to track a vehicle’s health, location, driving habits, and fuel usage are well-known. A proactive approach also helps in scheduling the work around periods of lower utilization for drivers, calendaring it, and also for extracting deals and discounts.”

Ananth Rani

CEO, and Co-Founder, Azuga

Azuga Scheduled Maintenance FAQs

What is Scheduled Maintenance? 

Scheduled Maintenance is a comprehensive fleet maintenance program that helps you automate vehicle maintenance to ensure all services are up to date, and tracks maintenance costs and service records. A maintenance program can eliminate unscheduled stops by keeping equipment in optimal operating condition and optimizing component life cycle.

Why should you consider adding Scheduled Maintenance to your Azuga Fleet plan?

Taking a proactive approach to fleet maintenance improves safety and reduces risk of unplanned outages, vehicle safety, extraordinary expenses and customer dissatisfaction. 

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