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"We have Azuga running in all our vehicles, while still paying out the rest of our contract with another company. You set the gold standard with price and service."

John Phillips

Service Manager

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Founded in 1967, Acree Air Conditioning has been providing exceptional home comfort services to homeowners. With a focus on customer service, Acree Air dispatches drivers around the clock with care.



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Scheduled Maintenance



Scheduled Maintenance

Tackling Fleet Safety Risks Affordably


After using a leading tracking solution for some time, Acree wanted to find a more cost-effective option. The service manager deployed an alternative; however, reporting was inconsistent, GPS data was inaccurate, and real-time driver performance information was not available. The search continued, and Acree contacted Azuga.


Acree hoped a new solution could help them accomplish the following:


Acree chose Azuga Fleet, complete with Azuga FleetMobile for drivers. Azuga worked closely with Acree to ensure implementation was smooth, and reports were configured to meet custom requirements. Because Fleet includes unlimited support, Acree can count on Azuga whenever assistance is needed or new custom reports are required.


Acree installed Azuga OBDII tracking devices in its vehicles—no professional installation services were required. Because the process was so simple, each vehicle was back on the road in minutes.


Real-Time Driver Feedback

The Azuga OBDII tracking device provides instantaneous in-car alerts to notify drivers when hard braking, quick acceleration, and aggressive cornering behaviors occur. As a result, driving behavior can be adjusted on the spot.

Safety Reports

Whether viewed on the Fleet dashboard in real time—or received via email at scheduled intervals—management can easily stay abreast of driver performance, including specific areas for improvement.


Safety-First Mentality

Capitalizing on the driver scoring features that Fleet provides, Acree Air challenged all drivers to achieve and maintain a driver score of 90 or better. Motivated by a little friendly competition, drivers increased their average driver score from 84 to over 94 in a matter of months.

Average Driver Score

Safety to Savings

Improvements in driver performance reduced the company's accident rate from two to zero. With safety data from Azuga Fleet in hand, Acree approached its insurance company. As a result of its documented safety record, Acree reduced premiums by $80,000 annually.

Next Steps

Acree plans to use Azuga Fleet to reduce fuel costs, improve route management, and manage fleet vehicle maintenance.

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