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Acree Air

We have Azuga running in all our vehicles, while still paying out the rest of our contract with another company. You set the gold standard with price and service.

John Phillips

Service Manager, Acree Air



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About Acree Air

Founded in 1967, Acree Air Conditioning has been providing exceptional home comfort services tohomeowners in and around Tampa Bay, FL. With a focus on customer service, AcreeAir dispatches drivers around the clock with care.


· Promote safer drivingin an area known for aggressive driving and speeding.

· Reduce number of accidents.

· Need more details and accurate reporting functions.

· Vehicles off the road for GPS installation.


Azuga’s instantaneous in-car alerts notify drivers of hard braking, quick acceleration, and aggressive cornering so they can adjust their driving immediately. Management tracking and notification of driving errors are highlighted areas for improvement. Reporting functionality in Azuga’s platform captures real-time data, email notifications can be generated based on certain parameters, and reports are automated each day,week, month, etc. Azuga’s plug and play units take minutes to install, not hours off the road.


· Safety first mentality

· Drivers became aware of the areas they needed to improve upon while on the road. Setting a company goal for all drivers to be at 90, promoted a safety first mentality.

· Lower insurance premiums

· In an area with high insurance premiums, Acree was able to sit down with their provider to layout how they were working to improve. A savings of 20% off their premium on the first year after using Azuga.

· Dashboard and driver scoreboard is invaluable

· Each driver knows how they are driving each day, making improvement by setting goals. Management can see how the drivers are performing at any given moment.

· Save time and money by keeping vehicles on the road and running efficiently.


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