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Managing a Pest Control Fleet Just Got Easier

Taking the Guesswork Out of Fleet Management

Fleet managers have a lot on their plates. Keeping track of personnel, vehicles, maintenance, compliance, and budgetary concerns can be overwhelming. GPS pest control fleet management software provides the solution. Build a culture of safety and mitigate risks. Keep your fleet on the road with improved routing and predictive maintenance. Get the data you need to make informed decisions with advanced telematics. All this and more will be at your fingertips with Azuga Fleet for pest control.

Fleet Management

Which common pest control industry challenges can fleet management software help solve?

How can pest control fleet management software save my company money?

How do I get my fleet drivers on board with GPS tracking?

Improve safety. Gain accountability.

Count on the GPS fleet management software that's built for safety.

Fleet Safety
Log and tag trips.
Fleet Safety
Limit distractions.
Fleet Safety
Put diagnostics to work.
Fleet Safety
Put fleet safety first.

The Key to a Better Understanding of Your Pest Control Fleet

Learn How Telematics Data Can Work for You

Data is everywhere, and in many pest control fleets it’s underutilized. This is because fleet managers don’t have actionable reports that provide the specific data they need in an easy-to-understand format. With Azuga Fleet Tracking, you’ll have all the information you need to make informed decisions on a number of topics. Our team will even work with you to customize reports so you get the specific data you need without all the clutter.

 Pest Control Fleet

What types of issues can telematics solve for my pest control fleet?

How can telematics help pest control companies provide better customer service?

Optimize efficiency. Capitalize on reporting.

See how GPS Fleet Management Software with fleet tracking improves operations fleet-wide.

Fleet Safety
Keep tabs on your fleet.
Fleet Safety
Streamline dispatching.
Fleet Safety
Get the most out of every vehicle.
Fleet Safety
Capitalize on insightful reports.

Don’t Let Unwanted Maintenance Ground Your Pest Control Fleet

Stay on Top of Maintenance with Azuga Fleet

Service fleets face the challenge of keeping their trucks running smoothly year after year. In pest control, you may not have your trucks in a centralized location, making maintenance a challenge. Azuga’s pest control fleet management solutions solve this problem by monitoring your fleet’s performance remotely. We’ll tell you when standard maintenance tasks are due. And we’ll also alert you to potential maintenance problems before they turn into breakdowns.

 Productivity, Safety, & Your ROI

How can predictive maintenance help my fleet avoid losses?

What other savings can predictive maintenance provide for my pest control fleet?

What maintenance alerts can I expect?

From safety to savings, Azuga Fleet works for you and your drivers.

Fleet Management Software

Field Management Software

Azuga Works, the best field service management software, is a cloud-based solution that helps growing field service companies manage operations end-to-end.

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Azuga Fleet Dashboard

Azuga Fleet

Log into Azuga Fleet, and gain instant insight into your operations—from safety, accountability, and driver rewards to fleet efficiency.

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Fleet Mobile

Azuga FleetMobile

Arm your drivers with Azuga FleetMobile, and keep your fleet rolling efficiently—from start to finish of every shift.

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Azuga Dashcam

Be prepared for anything that comes your way, with smart detection software and the accuracy of our new dashcam, SafetyCam.

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Bug-N-A Rug Exterminators

We saved more than 50% by switching to Azuga. We found a solution that meets our needs of a busy pest control company, while not hurting our bottom line. Very affordable for a great set of features we need, but they are also quick in helping with account questions and making billing simple. The solution helps us keep track of our drivers in real-time while integrating with our other software.

Stuart Flynn

General Manager

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Environmental Pest Control

Azuga helps me understand where my guys are and to check that the job is getting done and that the team is doing what they are supposed to be doing.

Tommy Kellogg


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"Azuga is different. It gives us a new way to drive our meetings and coach techs to improve safety."

Kevin Lemasters

Kevin Lemasters

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