Azuga Fleet Management Software

Improve your business at every turn with Azuga Fleet management software.

From the moment the first driver turns on the ignition until the last driver signs out, Azuga Fleet™ is on the job. Every mile, every stop, every vehicle and driver alert—every action is tracked, analyzed, and reported to improve safety, accountability, and efficiency. Safer driving behaviors, fewer accidents, better vehicle reliability, and optimized operations reduce expenses and increase the number of customers you can serve in a day.

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See why commercial fleet managers prefer Azuga vehicle management software.

Azuga offers a fleet management system that works for small businesses and enterprise fleets alike. Learn how to manage your fleet’s costs more efficiently and get insightful analytics on your fleet’s operations. See what’s happening in real-time and compile reports that track telemetrics data over time. Streamline daily fleet compliance tasks and motivate your drivers to improve their safety on the road. It’s all possible with Azuga Fleet™.

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Simplified Contracts

Our contracts are coterminous—you have one renewal date, no matter when you add devices. And you can add as many vehicles as needed so we grow with your fleet’s needs.

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Easy Installation

Azuga Trackers can be installed in minutes—no professional installation services are required. That means less downtime for your fleet vehicles and less disruption to your business.

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Award-Winning Support

Our team sets up your software, and helps you migrate information from your previous system. Have a problem or need to ask a question? Our US-based support team is ready to help.

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Azuga delivers benefits you can take to the bank.

Reduce accidents by

on average

Improve driver safety and reduce claims.

Our first priority at Azuga is safety. We know from experience that a safer business is a more successful business. Our telematics work around the clock to make your fleet safer, dramatically reducing unnecessary risks and preventing unforeseen setbacks. Azuga-equipped fleets boast fewer accidents, lowering their costs not only for repairs and often for insurance premiums too. Plus, driver scoring and rewards give your whole team a reason to practice safety while allowing you to reward the best of the best. Showing safe drivers your appreciation can even help you retain the best talent and spend less time on hiring and training replacement drivers.

Know the score, driver by driver, with Azuga vehicle fleet management software.

There’s nothing better than a little healthy competition among drivers to improve morale. And when your drivers are competing to be the safest on the road, everyone wins. Our driver safety scores are designed to gamify safe driving, reward your best performers, and keep your fleet drivers motivated day in and day out. You’ll find improvements in both on-road safety and driver retention with Azuga safe driver rewards.

Vehicle fleet management chart with driver score reporting

Make your fleet Azuga Safe.

Azuga Fleet features, such as in-cab alerts, integrated dashcams, and driver-specific video-based training, work together to reduce high-risk driving behaviors by up to 88%. We’re building safer driving habits everywhere we go, and our driver rewards program offers great incentives based on safety scores. See what a big difference safety can make for your bottom line while keeping your drivers happy and motivated toward constant improvement.

Learn more about our proven approach, and see why your fleet is better off being Azuga Safe.

Fleet management software safety alert features

Reduced citations by

on average

Enhance fleet-wide accountability.

By implementing a modern telematics solution, you can identify problematic behaviors among your drivers and take steps toward prevention. Azuga Fleet provides data on driver location, including stops, idle time, and task status, so you know where your drivers are when they’re on the job. Reassure your customers with accurate information, and reduce costly service delays.

Chris McKeeman, VP, Environmental, Health and Safety


Azuga has been everything and more than expected, creating a highly engaged workforce, empowering each employee to modify his/her driving behavior in real-time.

Put your entire operation at your fingertips with Azuga vehicle fleet management software.

Keep your drivers on time, and on the fastest routes available, in order to ensure top-of-the-line service to your customers. See where each vehicle is in real-time to allow for the most accurate and efficient rerouting when things change suddenly. And keep your business in compliance and operating at top efficiency with useful analytics that provide key insights and actionable data.

Experience Azuga Fleet in action:

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Azuga reports are built for you.

Receive accurate, insightful reports.

Say goodbye to guesswork.

When you have hundreds of vehicles, accuracy is non-negotiable. We know what's at stake, and our advanced engineering ensures Azuga Fleet captures and processes data with precision. We also know that no two fleets are alike. If our standard reports don't cover all your requirements, we'll create custom reports that do—as many as you need. Our team is ready to help you get the most out of our analytics so that your business can operate efficiently and cost-effectively, every day.

Tyson Williams
Branch Manager, Hobart Service


The report I use most is the idle report because idle time is time wasted that we could be billing a customer or working on something else.

Stay on top of performance with Azuga Fleet vehicle management software.

You can check up on your fleet’s performance via Azuga Fleet or the FleetMobile app, allowing you to effectively manage resources from anywhere, in an instant. Read your customized reports, get real-time hazardous driving alerts, and see videos uploaded from SafetyCam dash cameras whether you're in the office or on the go. Get a look at how your fleet performs alongside industry-wide standards, so you can be sure to stand out. Monitor and compare driver behaviors to see who deserves rewards and recognition, and who might need a bit more training. With our Azuga Coach program, we’ll even provide you with personalized online video-based coaching to ensure all of your drivers meet your safety standards.

Create a partnership for success.

When you choose Azuga, you get more than a product; you get a partner. On day one, we assign a dedicated customer success representative—one who understands your business and customers—to conduct fleet performance reviews quarterly and annually. See how your fleet is progressing, where improvements can be made, and what steps are needed to achieve your company's goals.

Reduce transit time by

on average

Increase efficiency and improve customer service.

Monitor hundreds of vehicles at once, and pinpoint what issues need attention and why. See driver location, task status, stops made, and much more, so you can accurately meet and exceed your customers’ expectations. Our breadcrumb interface makes it easy.

Accurate driver analysis with fleet vehicle management software

Sarah Rottmann, Client Relations


The process was easy. Our mechanic had no problem getting the Azuga tracking devices and Bluetooth beacons in. No hassles and no downtime.

Break ahead of the pack—without breaking the bank.

Running a fleet-based business consumes fuel, costs money, and takes time—Azuga Fleet will help you to better conserve all three. Whether your goal is to streamline repairs and maintenance, cut down on labor costs, or reduce your environmental impact, we have the tools to make your vision a reality. Fleet management software is only worthwhile if it’s cost-effective, and we remain dedicated to giving you the technology you need at a price that’s affordable.

Vehicle fleet management software providing breakdown of fleet expenditures

Improve and maintain vehicle health.

Proactively address vehicle maintenance, and keep more wheels on the road and out of the shop. On average, Azuga reduces wear and tear on vehicles by half, providing substantial savings. At any given time you can view vehicle diagnostics for any car, truck, or van in your fleet. You’ll see live vehicle health data including diagnostic trouble codes. Our predictive maintenance will even help you keep your fleet on the road and running at peak efficiency longer, for less downtime and fewer costly repairs.

The bigger the fleet, the bigger the benefits.

Based on our strong history of cost-effective fleet management, see what the difference could be for your business. Answer just a few simple questions about your business and your fleet and we’ll calculate your savings for the first month. You can also see how much you’ll save over time. And we’ll break down our benefits by industry for a more complete picture of how your company will benefit from Azuga’s fleet monitoring system.

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Make the job more rewarding.

Recognize and reward safe driving behaviors.

In any size fleet, constant turnover is a hassle that puts pressure on the company’s people and resources. Azuga Fleet makes it easy to rank drivers and reward those who perform well—you'll create a little friendly competition that motivates and benefits everybody.

Retain great drivers.

Keep your best drivers on the team with incentives that they’re sure to love, and inspire those who need improvement to raise their game. As your driver’s scores go up, so will your profits.

Empower every driver with the right tools.

From driving scores to training, FleetMobile is a powerful tool for every driver. Azuga Coach will even help with personalized video training for those who aren’t making the grade so you can continually raise the bar on safety in your fleet.

Vehicle management software being used on mobile devices

Our contracts won't railroad you.

Transition to Azuga Fleet with ease.

There's no costly or time-consuming installation involved to get going with Azuga Fleet. Just plug in and turn the key, and you're on the road to better safety and efficiency for your business. Plus, our contracts are coterminous, so you don't deal with the hassle of multiple product contracts and dates. One fleet, one bill, one less worry, no matter how your fleet may grow in the coming months and years.

Casey Van Der Linden, Fleet Manager
Horizon Lighting


We are impressed by Azuga’s ease of use compared to other systems we’ve seen. Their focus on driver scores and safety really stand out, and so does their customer service.

We're with you for the long haul.

Azuga products carry a lifetime warranty. We know how vital your fleet is to your company’s goals and operations. If something’s off, then we’re on it—for life. Simply reach out to our US-based support team and we’ll help ensure you get the most out of our fleet management system.

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