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You can pull up that map, know where all your assets are, if technicians have completed the job, standing still for 3 hours or if they haven’t gotten there yet.

Bryan Dardar

VP of Stationary Services

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The Nolan Power Group consists of both stationary and motive power services. Founded in 1979, the business has been successfully serving its customers for over 30 years.



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Bryan Dardar has been working with the Nolan Power Group (NPG) for the past 15 years. As Vice President of Stationary Services, he oversees their stationary services for stationary power supplies including services such as capacity testing, installation, preventative maintenance, and emergency services.

Bryan oversees the service technicians and equipment that is used to serve their customers. As part of managing the technicians and equipment, NPG has to follow DOT requirements for tracking hours of operation for their equipment, while also ensuring his technicians are serving their customers as planned. With a mix of 26Klb GVW and 10Klb GVW vehicles in the fleet, ensuring the team serves their customers safely is a primary goal.

NPG chose Azuga after field testing Azuga in addition to 4 other competitors and found that Azuga provided the best solution to track hours of service among their fleet. Upon completion of the beta, they switched from AT&T fleet services to Azuga in 2017.


Bryan leverages many of Azuga’s core GPS fleet tracking services - tracking and tracing of his fleet, cell phone monitoring, and posted speed limit violations. While he sees the value of the integrated rewards service Azuga offers, at this time he is primarily focused on ensuring his fleet is where they are supposed to be, doing the work they need to do to keep their customers happy. Before Azuga, Bryan did not have an easy and accurate way to know where his employees were, if they were servicing customers as expected, and if they were consistently adhering to government mandated hours of service logging and eLogs.


Bryan chose Azuga based on the recommendation of a co-worker who had been using the Azuga asset tracker for some of NPG more expensive assets. Upon installing Azuga, Bryan found value in knowing where his employees are and how they were driving. In one case, he was able to verify where his employee was with the vehicle, and dispute where the driver was at a specific time using Azuga’s breadcrumb report. A second incident allowed Bryan to use Azuga’s fleet tracking software to correlate the time the driver was in transit with the unauthorized use of a cell phone to address improper driving behaviors. These examples coupled with the confidence that Bryan gets by ensuring his team is either on their way or on the job site, have made Azuga a valuable tool for Bryan to manage his fleet.


Bryan would recommend Azuga fleet management software to anyone with a fleet of technicians serving customers. As Bryan said, “Anytime you are dispatching technicians to service a customer’s equipment, it's all about tracking and knowing where your vehicles are. Knowing where your smaller fleet and technicians are with respect to a need to get them to the location as quickly as possible is invaluable.”

Speeding duration per 100 miles has dropped well within the first 2 months of using Azuga services.


While Bryan is not leveraging all that Azuga can provide in the way of tools to better manage his fleet, with their recent expansion he is confident Azuga can grow with him and help drive additional cost savings and safety benefits to his expanding business and fleet.

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