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From safe-driving scores and rewards to trip logs, Azuga FleetMobile™ ensures your drivers hit the road with everything they need to get the job done. And with its admin view, FleetMobile makes it easy for supervisors to monitor and reward drivers in or out of the office.

2-in-1 Fleet Mobile
Best Fleet Tracking App
2-in-1 Fleet Mobile

Fleet Mobile Combines Two Fleet Tracking App Solutions Into One

Make safe driving rewarding. Take the power of an enterprise fleet management app on the road.

You get a feature rich fleet tracking driver app with a powerful admin view.

Fleet Risk

Leverage risk assessments with history for future planning and decision making

Dispatch & maintenance

Your drivers are an integral part of your business, but they’re not the only part. GPS tracking software can improve operations on the road and beyond. Azuga Fleet can help with dispatch, maintenance, compliance, training, and so much more. It can even help you lower your insurance premiums.

Increase efficiency.

Leverage a range of built-in utilities, such as vehicle health monitoring, navigation, tracking, parked vehicle location, and third-party apps.

Log and tag trips.

When a driver uses FleetMobile, data is captured from every vehicle he or she drives, creating a comprehensive trip log. Trips can also be tagged as business or personal, allowing you to separate out the daily lunch run from work-related trips.

Simplify timecards.

Add TimeCard, and FleetMobile makes it easy for drivers to track time in real- time, and submit timecards right from their phones.

Limit distractions.

Add DriveSafe and block smartphone distractions—such as texting, calling, and app use—when the vehicle is in motion.

Reward driver excellence.

Great drivers are invaluable—reward and retain them. Fleet features a rewards program that’s easy to administer, and drivers love.

Track safety scores.

With FleetMobile, each driver can keep tabs on his or her safety score. Performance is tracked in real- time, making self- assessment easy.

Joseph T Berrena Mechanicals, Inc

"We are a family run and co-owned business. I trust my technicians, but Azuga helps me verify the information and encourage better driving habits."

Matt Berrena

President & Co-owner

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Environmental Pest Control

Azuga helps me understand where my guys are and to check that the job is getting done and that the team is doing what they are supposed to be doing.

Tommy Kellogg


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Northwest Tank

"Azuga GPS device is next-gen GPS. It’s easy to install, portable between vehicles and provides valuable business insight into asset tracking, fuel wasting behavior, vehicle maintenance schedules and driver performance. We recently switched to Azuga from a hard-install GPS provider and are delighted at the results."

Remy Cano


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"Azuga has been everything and more than expected, creating a highly engaged workforce, empowering each employee to modify his/her driving behavior in real-time."

Chris McKeeman


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See all the things you can do with Fleet Mobile.

With separate views for administrators and drivers, FleetMobile is the enterprise-level fleet management app that keeps your fleet rolling efficiently, from start to finish of every shift.

Fleet Mobile Enterprise Level Fleet Management
Driver Scores
Fleet Mobile Enterprise Level Fleet Management
Driver Rewards
Fleet Mobile Enterprise Level Fleet Management
Fleet Mobile Enterprise Level Fleet Management
Alerts and Notifications
Fleet Mobile Enterprise Level Fleet Management
Find it Forward
Fleet Mobile Enterprise Level Fleet Management
Where Did I Park?
Fleet Mobile Enterprise Level Fleet Management
Vehicle Diagnostics

Why Azuga is the choice of small and enterprise fleets

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Reward good driving.

Driver Rewards App
Reward Good Driving
Azuga Works
Reward Good Driving
Distracted Driving
Reward Good Driving
Azuga Coach
Reward Good Driving
Occupant Recognition
Reward Good Driving
Reward Good Driving
Trip Logs and Tags
Reward Good Driving
Event Videos
Reward Good Driving
Reward Good Driving
Panic Alert
Reward Good Driving
Driver Coaching
Reward Good Driving

Azuga FleetMobile App FAQs

Does this fleet vehicle check app help with DVIR compliance?

It sure does. Drivers can complete simple but effective eDVIRs from our app. They’re compliant with FMCSA 396.11 and .13.

Is the mobile fleet app ELD Mandate compliant?

Yes!We’ve ensured that our HOS reporting meets all of the ELD mandate’s standards.No need for a secondary app to stay compliant.

Can I use this motion GPS app to track heavy equipment?

You sure can. Just add on Azuga Asset Tracking and we’ll keep track of construction equipment, roadside signage, containers, forklifts, rental equipment, and just about anything else you need to track.

Does this app come with support in case I run into problems?

Absolutely. Our US-based support agents are ready to help with any questions or concerns you may have. We’ve also got a huge library of Azuga-related self-help articles to help you make the most of your fleet management solution.

Will this fleet GPS tracking app help lower my insurance premiums?

Most likely. You’ll have to check with your individual insurance company, but in most cases fleets see significant insurance savings after adapting Azuga’s GPS fleet management solutions.

Can this be used as a truck GPS tracking app?

Yes! Azuga GPS truck tracking is great for fleets of all sizes and shapes. You can install our fleet trackers on any truck with an OBD port.

What can Fleet Mobile’s telematics do for my fleet?

Our fleet GPS tracking app is designed to provide you access to the data you need from anywhere, enabling your fleet to run smoothly and more efficiently. We’ll even help you customize your reports so you get the data that you need in a way that’s easy to understand.

How can a driving tracker save my fleet money?

Azuga Fleet is a great way to save money for your fleet. We can help lower fuel consumption, insurance premiums, maintenance costs, and more. And we’ll also help you improve your fleet’s safety and efficiency, resulting in fewer accidents and better fleet management. Want to see what you can save in numbers? Check out our ROI Calculator.

Does this include a fleet vehicle maintenance app?

Absolutely. Because our trackers interface directly with your vehicle’s onboard computer, they’ll read diagnostic trouble codes and warn you when something needs maintenance. In fact, Azuga Fleet Mobile can even help with predictive maintenance, saving you time and money and keeping your trucks on the road and out of the mechanic’s garage.

Can FleetMobile help keep my drivers safe on the road?

You bet. At Azuga, driver safety is our priority. We’ve created a comprehensive driver safety score program that rewards safe driving behaviors. In addition, our new Azuga Coach feature provides personalized online safety coaching videos to help drivers improve. We’ll even block them from texting while the vehicle is in motion.

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February 25, 2021

Today’s fleet business climate has become more competitive than ever before. In order to get ahead and stay ahead, you have to be a step ahead. Implementing technology and practices that give your company a competitive edge can really make a difference to your bottom line.

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August 27, 2021

Azuga’s Fleet Mobile tool is an app with many features, including a weekly timecard feature that works in real-time, making it easy for drivers to log and keep track of their time. We will break down how this app works and its benefits for you in this article.

How to Put Azuga FleetMobile to Work for Your Team

July 24, 2020

Our U.S. fleet tracking app, Azuga FleetMobile, helps fleets save money, operate more efficiently, provide better customer service, boost employee morale, and even lower insurance premiums. Perhaps best of all, our FleetMobile technology is included with any Azuga Fleet subscription.

Enterprise Fleet Management From Azuga's Mobile App

September 30th, 2021

Ease of use is one of the aspects of Azuga’s fleet management software that its users boast about the most, and most of its convenience comes from its handy app. Azuga’s app has all the features that a manager needs to do their day-to-day job, from helping manage dispatching to keeping fleet drivers safe. Find out what this enterprise fleet management mobile app has to offer below.

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