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Simplify Employee Time Tracking with Azuga

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Employees have many tasks that they need to complete throughout the day, and anything that makes their lives easier is a bonus that they’re sure to appreciate. Time tracking can be a tedious task that is easy to mess up and difficult to correct. Luckily, there are tools out there that make it easier. Azuga’s Fleet Mobile tool is an app with many features, including a weekly timecard feature that works in real-time, making it easy for drivers to log and keep track of their time. We will break down how this app works and its benefits for you in this article. 

Tracking Time with the Fleet Mobile App

Fleet Mobile has many features that drivers and fleet managers can take advantage of, but one of them is a timecard app that drivers can access from anywhere, at any time. Drivers can submit time cards from their phones with just a few taps. Before, drivers would have to log in from a terminal or call in to update their managers, but this is no longer the case. Fleet Mobile makes it easy for drivers to do it all on their own, and managers can view their drivers’ status at any time throughout the day since it updates in real-time. Mistakes are practically eradicated, and any errors that do slip through can easily be fixed by the fleet manager in Azuga’s fleet management software, which integrates seamlessly with the Fleet Mobile app. 

Other Features That Make Drivers’ Lives Easier

Trip Logs

Drivers take all kinds of trips throughout the day, and it can be a challenge to keep track of all of them manually. That’s why Fleet Mobile makes it easy for drivers to log trips and tag them with labels such as “business” or “personal,” so there’s no confusion between a lunch break and a job. Comprehensive trip logs make it easy to see a driver’s productivity, letting drivers show how efficient they are, and fleet managers easily keep track of each driver’s day. It’s vital to keep everyone on the same page as it eradicates confusion in communication and makes it easy to move from job to job. 

Safety Scores

Drivers know that their behaviors are being tracked when they’re behind the wheel of a fleet vehicle and will usually want to know how they are doing in the fleet’s eyes. Fleet Mobile allows drivers to track their safety scores to see in real-time how safely they are driving, what can be improved, and what they are doing well. Managers may not be able to update drivers on their status constantly, so giving them access to their safety scores allows them to self-assess and improve without manager intervention, allowing for constant growth and proactive problem-solving if issues arise. 

Driver Rewards 

Drivers who have high safety scores, of course, should be acknowledged for their job well done. Fleet Mobile makes this easy to accomplish with a Driver Rewards program that rewards gift cards to drivers who regularly exhibit positive driving behaviors on the road. Because drivers can always see their safety scores, they can work consistently towards their Driver Rewards goals and not only win prizes but keep themselves safe by engaging in better driving behaviors. Drivers who are rewarded and get positive reinforcement are more likely to stay on the team, improving employee retention and creating a positive working environment. 

Eradicate Distractions

Distractions on the road put drivers in danger, and that’s a risk no fleet should be willing to take. DriveSafe is a feature that fleets can add to Fleet Mobile to eliminate drivers’ cell phone related distractions. When the vehicle is in motion, texting, calling, and non-driving-related apps will be blocked, preventing drivers from giving in to the temptation of reaching for their phones while driving. Apps that allow drivers to navigate and view their jobs will still be available. Distracted driving causes many accidents each year, so it is crucial to limit driver distractions as much as possible. 


Anything that makes a driver’s job easier is sure to benefit the entire team, from managers to customers alike. Fleets must prioritize their drivers, as they are the glue that holds the whole business together. Fleet Mobile makes everyday work easy for drivers, so they don’t have to worry about tedious tasks or constantly checking in. With streamlined operations, drivers can get more jobs done faster, allowing them to be more effective and a better asset. Find out more about Fleet Mobile and Azuga’s other technology solutions on our website.