Electrical Team Needs Azuga Fleet Management Software

Your Electrical Team Needs Azuga Fleet Management Software

Comprehensive Insights for Your Electrical Company's Fleet

Leading Electrical Companies Trust Azuga With Their Fleets

The Best Approach to Fleet Management for Electric Companies

Optimize Your Fleet & Improve Visibility With Azuga Fleet

Your electric company is an essential service to your customers, which is why your fleet needs to operate at full efficiency. Azuga Fleet makes dispatch fast and efficient, simplifies billing, and reduces your costs. Other features of our fleet management software, such as geofencing and route optimization, help to enhance your fleet even further. With Azuga, fleet management is easier than ever.

Electric Company

Features Your Electric Company Can Rely On

There is a lot of technology and software out there to help businesses today, but your company deserves the best. If you’re looking for a fleet management system to advance your business, boost productivity, and save you money, consider Azuga. We offer the following features:

  • Route optimization
  • Idle time monitoring
  • Maintenance scheduling and alerts
  • Fuel consumption reports
  • Fuel card integration
  • Hours of service logging
  • Driver behavior reports and incentive program
  • Engine diagnostics
  • Utilization optimization
  • Asset tracking
  • Geofencing

Improve safety. Gain accountability.

Count on the GPS fleet management software that's built for safety.

Fleet Safety
Put fleet safety first.
Fleet Safety
Put diagnostics to work.
Fleet Safety
Limit distractions.
Fleet Safety
Log and tag trips.

Protect Your Assets, Employees & Business

Asset Tracking to Protect Your Investments in Real Time

Electricians can’t do their jobs without the right tools, which is why investing in the best equipment is so important. Your tools, vehicles, and heavy equipment can add up quickly, so make sure you’re protecting your assets and investments with the latest technology. Azuga rechargeable and long-life asset trackers allow you to monitor all of your assets with real-time data.

Asset Tracking to Protect Your Investments in Real Time

  • Rechargeable and long-life asset trackers work from 6 months or up to 5 years
  • Geofencing
  • Simplified and detailed billing
  • Easy-to-read reports to scale your fleet
  • Real-time location tracking
  • Optimized vehicle dispatching
 Assets, Employees & Business

What else can asset tracking do for my electric company?

Asset tracking isn’t just about preventing theft and easily recovering lost or stolen assets. With the right asset tracking tools, like geofencing, you can increase productivity, reduce idling, and streamline billing processes. While we offer two types of GPS trackers (long-life and rechargeable), there are other features that you can benefit from. For instance, utilization reports help to ensure the best use of equipment and give you the confidence of knowing you’ve prevented unauthorized use. Our asset trackers can even help you avoid mechanical failures by measuring engine diagnostics.

How do I track my assets?

Azuga takes a different approach to asset tracking. Instead of using barcodes and scanners, we offer two different asset trackers: rechargeable and long-life asset trackers. Long-life trackers can last up to 5 years and report their asset location daily. They’re typically attached to larger assets such as storage containers, trailers, and generators. Rechargeable assets last up to 6 months on one charge—great for assets on a long deployment.

Can I track all of my fleet vehicles, equipment, and small tools for my electrical team?

Yes, our long-life asset trackers and rechargeable trackers make it possible to monitor the location of equipment of any size. Geofencing also makes it easier to monitor smaller assets like wire strippers and measuring devices. Plus, you’ll receive alerts each time equipment or employees enter or leave your set perimeter.

Optimize efficiency. Capitalize on reporting.

See how GPS Fleet Management Software with fleet tracking improves operations fleet-wide.

Fleet Safety
Keep tabs on your fleet.
Fleet Safety
Streamline dispatching.
Fleet Safety
Get the most out of every vehicle.
Fleet Safety
Capitalize on insightful reports.
Fleet Safety
Keep tabs on your fleet.
Fleet Safety
Streamline dispatching.
Fleet Safety
Get the most out of every vehicle.
Fleet Safety
Capitalize on insightful reports.

Learn What Telematics Can Do For Your Electric Company

Let Azuga Fleet™ Amplify Productivity, Safety, & Your ROI

There’s an enormous reliance on electric companies from society today. This is why electric company vehicles must operate as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Significant costs, poor driver behavior, and excessive maintenance weaken an electric company’s ability to serve its customers. Azuga Fleet helps you optimize your business to reduce costs, improve safety, and keep you on top of maintenance.

 Productivity, Safety, & Your ROI

Can telematics help me improve safety?

Can I use fleet management software if I only have a few vehicles?

Does Azuga offer different service plans?

From safety to savings, Azuga Fleet works for you and your drivers.

Fleet Management Software

Field Management Software

Azuga Works, the best field service management software, is a cloud-based solution that helps growing field service companies manage operations end-to-end.

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Azuga Fleet Dashboard

Azuga Fleet

Log into Azuga Fleet, and gain instant insight into your operations—from safety, accountability, and driver rewards to fleet efficiency.

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Fleet Mobile

Azuga FleetMobile

Arm your drivers with Azuga FleetMobile, and keep your fleet rolling efficiently—from start to finish of every shift.

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Azuga Dashcam

Be prepared for anything that comes your way, with smart detection software and the accuracy of our new dashcam, SafetyCam.

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Keep Your Electrical Team Running on All Cylinders

Preventative Maintenance & More Features Your Fleet Needs

Reliable vehicles running at peak performance is always a top priority for fleet managers everywhere. Sadly, signs of vehicle deterioration can be difficult to spot, but Azuga Fleet™ makes it easy. Our maintenance management tools help to keep you on the road by monitoring engine diagnostics and alerting you of necessary vehicle maintenance. You can even reduce downtime with preventative maintenance scheduling and alerts. With our program, your vehicles and equipment are safe, reliable, and efficient.

Maintenance & More Features Your Fleet

Do I really need maintenance scheduling for my electrical equipment and fleet vehicles?

Companies with a lot of assets face the challenge of maintaining them at all times. Equipment failure delays service calls and leads to unwanted downtime for your electricians—impacting your bottom line. Something as simple as a delayed oil change can cause build up on your vehicle’s engine, leading to greater damage and repairs. Equipment can often sit in storage for months because managers aren’t aware of the assets they have available. This underutilization also leads to a lack of regular maintenance, which is necessary to keep these tools in working order. Maintenance scheduling ensures that all of your assets get the service they need so you can keep downtime low and productivity high.

What should I do with telematics maintenance data?

Electricians are just entering the telematics space. Trucking companies are familiar with the technology, but electricians are still understanding how their company can benefit from it. As more electric companies work with telematics, they see an overall optimization of their business. For maintenance management, they see the greatest benefits in vehicle health monitoring and downtime planning. With maintenance scheduling, you’re able to schedule repairs on off-hours or between service calls. With diagnostics monitoring, teams can focus on preventative maintenance and repairing small issues before they become big. Azuga Fleet helps your business become more efficient so you can keep servicing your customers.

What are maintenance alerts?

Telematics systems monitor vehicle diagnostics for issues so you can fix them before they become major repairs. Maintenance alerts warn you of these issues and send notifications to your service department to schedule an appointment for that asset. With Azuga, you’ll keep up to date on fleet maintenance, reduce downtime, and avoid unnecessary repairs.

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With Azuga, our billing is now based on mutual trust between the technician and customer. We have 100% confidence that we are billing for actual time, which is beneficial for both All-Lift and our customers.

Jeff Bennett

Controller, All-Lift Ltd.

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Nolan Power Group

You can pull up that map, know where all your assets are, if technicians have completed the job, standing still for 3 hours or if they haven’t gotten there yet.

Bryan Dardar

VP of Stationary Services

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Service Experts

"Far and away I get everything I need for the best price out there."

David McCauley

North American Fleet Manager

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