Announcing Azuga Asset Tracker™

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Ananth Rani, co-founder, Azuga

Today, we’re excited to announce the release of Azuga Asset Tracker™, a companion to our award winning Azuga Fleet product. Azuga Asset Tracker uses the same award-winning cloud-based application for real-time monitoring and reporting. This is another important step in our journey to offer a comprehensive, one-stop, enterprise-grade solution for our customers.

Whether monitoring machinery in the field, coordinating service operations or helping your team locate equipment and trailers quickly and efficiently, this technology helps you find and report on whereabouts of your most valuable assets.

Benefits of Azuga Asset Tracker:

  • Improve utilization and productivity by knowing the exact location of every asset 

  • Simplify delivery, service, recovery and billing for assets in the field    
  • Simplify billing with reports that show when and where assets were deployed for customers 

  • Get real-time alerts when assets start moving, enter or exit specific areas or stop for long durations 

  • Reduce theft and loss and improve recovery efforts 

  • Deter unauthorized use of valuable assets 

How Does Azuga Asset Tracker Work?

When you attach Azuga’s asset trackers to your assets, you’re able to see them on a live map along with the locations of your vehicles. Assets and vehicles can be divided into separate groups, or you can group together specific sets vehicles and assets based on type or geography. In real-time, you’ll be able to locate all of your assets and give easy instructions to drivers on how to reach them, whether or not they been moved since your initially delivery. Reports make it easy to validate asset service cycles, and also provide detailed data on locations assets were used over a period of time

One of our first Asset Tracker customers, a large portable restroom operator, has calculated costs of recovering an incorrect unit at $150 per incident, which happens when they can’t identify a unit’s specific location or they recover another unit by mistake. Adding Asset Tracker to their Azuga Fleet deployment gives them a single dashboard to ensure they can efficiently locate and service correct units, saving them significant costs and improving asset utilization.

Features for Everyone

We’ve released two unique devices to handle specific uses by customers: Azuga Long Life Asset Tracker and Azuga’s Rechargeable Asset Tracker.

Long Life Asset Tracker

The Long Life Asset Tracker is ruggedized and weatherproof with a battery life of up to five years at one location ping per day and ideal for long deployments on non-powered assets, such as containers, trailers, tanks, portable restrooms and many others.

Rechargeable Asset Tracker

The Rechargeable Asset Tracker is weatherproof and offers a 6-month battery life. It can be connected to 12-volt or 24-volt power sources to power the device and recharge the battery. It is best used for tracking powered assets that may sit in an off position for periods of time, such as generators, powered signs, portable lights and more.

Azuga Asset Tracker is now available. Learn more about the new solution, as well as the rest of Azuga’s industry leading products and services.