Affordable GPS Fleet Tracking and Dashcams in action

GPS fleet tracking and dual-facing dashcam solutions to keep your vehicles, assets and drivers safe.

There’s no question that GPS fleet tracking software helps improve the operations of business fleets. At Azuga, we believe it should improve safety, as well.

GPS Fleet Management Software that’s simple to use, affordable, customizable, and easy to install.

The Azuga GPS fleet telematics system is built with driver safety in mind. Upgrade to Azuga today and learn why 90% of our enterprise customers switched from a competitor.

Introducing the only FSM Solution you need to run your entire trade services business

Streamline your business operations and efficiently process work orders between the office and teams with the only field service management tool that combines the power of telematics, dashcams and work order management.

The smartest fleet dashcam with an innovative Cloud-based AI Driver Monitoring System.

The all new smart SafetyCam camera captures both front-facing road events and in-cab driver behavior, giving you a clear picture of what’s happening on the road when it matters most

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Leading companies trust Azuga for their fleets.

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Leading construction companies trust Azuga for their fleets
Leading electrical companies trust Azuga for their fleets
Leading companies trust Azuga for their fleets
Leading companies trust Azuga for their fleets

End-to-End Fleet Management Solution

Learn how GPS Fleet Management Software from Azuga can improve driver safety across your entire fleet of vehicles.

Azuga Fleet Tracking for Safety

Four steps to safer fleet management

The Azuga Safe framework is a four-part improvement process that integrates safety into your daily fleet operations while optimizing business operations, increasing driver safety, reducing costs, and improving customer service.

Assess with Telematics

1. Evaluate and assess your Fleet.

Advanced diagnostics and reporting make it easy to assess advanced vehicle health, diagnostics, and driver performance in real-time. Driver scoring ensures you and your drivers know how safely they are, or are not, driving.

Azuga's Four Steps to a Safer Fleet

2. Turn insights into action.

With Azuga GPS Fleet Management insight in hand, you can address specific areas of risk, from vehicle maintenance to individual driver coaching.

Fleet Management Software with Fleet Tracking Insights

3. Advanced Fleet insights.

Gain greater insight into your operations, from efficiency to safety using fleet telematics. See how your fleet stacks up against industry standards and best-in-class fleets.

Fleet Management Software with Ongoing Fleet Safety

4. Remove risks and increase driver safety.

In addition to drivers, Azuga Fleet extends safety benefits to your entire staff, including managers, safety directors, accountants, operations specialists, and partners such as insurance carriers and lenders.

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New to fleet tracking?

Get a quick overview of GPS Fleet tracking, identify what your fleet needs most, and learn what to look for when evaluating a vehicle tracking software solution.

Read About Fleet Tracking
fleet tracking system ROI with time savings

Fleet Tracking ROI

GPS fleet tracking provides benefits to fleets of all sizes. Tell us about your fleet and see how Azuga Fleet can help your bottom line.

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GPS Fleet Tracking

GPS Fleet Tracking that is simple to use, affordable, and powerful enough to run any size fleet

From small businesses to enterprise fleets, Azuga's fleet management platform is the best solution to:
Keep track of drivers
Improve safety
Protect all your assets
Track vehicles in real-time

Harness the Power of Fleet Tracking
4 Ways Fleet Tracking Improves Your Fleet Safety Program
Top 3 Benefits of GPS Fleet Tracking for Fleet Drivers
Top 3 Benefits of GPS Fleet Tracking for Fleet Managers

Azuga GPS Fleet Tracking
fleet mobile app with driver scores

Fleet Tracking App

Run your business from anywhere with Fleet Mobile: The Top Fleet Tracking App

Included with your Azuga Fleet subscription, Fleet Mobile keeps your fleet rolling safely mile after mile. Separate views for administrators and drivers ensures your entire team can work more efficiently, wherever they go. With the Azuga Driver Scoring model you can quickly assess which drivers are doing well and implement reward programs for improved driver engagement. Conversely, you can identify your most at-risk drivers and help them improve through customized training and gamification.

Optimize Your Mobile App
Increase Your Efficiency with a Mobile Fleet Tracking App
All You Need to Know About Subscription-Based Fleet Tracking Apps
How Your Drivers Can Benefit From Using a Mobile Fleet Tracking App on Their Phones

Driver Safety Scores

Fleet safety and training programs for drivers including gamification and rewards

Azuga is committed to supporting a "safety first" environment for drivers. The Fleet Safety Management Platform reduces risky driving behavior while rewarding drivers.

Target Dangers at the Source
Limit Driver Distractions on the Road With Fleet Tracking Systems
How Fleet Driver Scores Can Improve Safety & Productivity
How to Implement a Solid Safety Plan with Azuga

Fleet Safety Software
Dual-Facing Dashcam for Fleet Drivers

AI Dual-Facing DashCam

70% of accidents are not the fault of your drivers. The Smart AI Fleet dashcam video proves it.

Be prepared for anything that comes your way with ai-based smart detection software and the accuracy of our the dual-facing dashcam. The all new smart dashcam captures both front-facing road events and in-cab driver behavior, giving you a clear picture of what’s happening on the road when it matters most. Protect your drivers, and your business, with the ability to exonerate yourself when the driver is not at fault.

Take Advantage of DashCam Technology
How Azuga's Dashcam AI Detects Distracted Driving
How the Azuga SafetyCam Can Exonerate Your Business
How AI Dashcams Can Reduce Insurance Premiums

See what the Azuga GPS Fleet Management Platform can do for your business.

Azuga GPS Fleet Management Software

Field Service Management (FSM)

The Best Field Management Software that is Simple to Use, Affordable, and Powerful!

Azuga Works, the best field service management software, is a cloud-based solution that helps growing field service companies manage operations end-to-end. From tracking vehicles to order management to dispatching, Azuga has your business covered.

Bundle your GPS Fleet Tracking and Dashcams with our new Field Management Software for a full end-to-end fleet management experience!

Most service fleets are using field service management software these days to stay on top of their fleets’ everyday operations. There is so much to keep track of, from dispatch, to customers, to financial information, that it can be impossible without software to keep it all in order. That is where Azuga’s field service management solution comes in.

FSM software icon

Back Office

  • Quotes / Estimates
  • Work Order Management
  • Employee Time Tracking
  • API Integration
Field Service CRM Icon

Customer Management

  • Contact Database
  • Billing & Invoicing
  • Service History Tracking
  • Customer Communication
field service operations icon

Field Operations

  • Scheduling & Dispatching
  • GPS Tracking
  • Routing
  • Mobile Access
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Asset Tracking

Protect your high-value equipment and trailers with an asset tracking system.

See where your equipment is and where your workers are with the real-time asset tracking dashboard making it easy to schedule asset delivery, pick up, and maintenance with greater efficiency. And with built-in tools such as geofencing, you’ll know exactly when an asset leaves its designated area.

Take Full Advantage of Your Assets
Advantages of Having a Rechargeable Asset Tracking Device
How to Monitor Equipment with Asset Tracking Software
Proven Ways to Improve Your Bottom Line With GPS Asset Tracking

Asset tracking system
Fleet eLogs

eLogs (ELD)

Approach Fleet eLogs compliance with confidence.

When it comes to compliance, you and your commercial drivers can breathe easy. Azuga eLogs meets or exceeds FMCSA 395.15 regulations for HOS and DVIRs—and it meets all requirements for the ELD (Electronic Logging Device) mandate. An addition to Azuga Fleet, eLogs is simple to use and brings ease and accuracy to log keeping.

Stay on Top of ELD Regulations
What is ELD for Truck Drivers?
How to Know When Trucks Need ELDs
Electronic Logbooks: 4 Tips for Truck Drivers to Improve Efficiency and Costs

Driver Rewards and Gamification

Driver Safety Rewards As A Service (RaaS)

Turn safe driving into a fun competition and encourage your drivers to do their best every day! Reward your drivers for a job well done and easily determine their performance on the road. Azuga’s Driver Rewards system and driver scoring make managing your drivers’ safety habits easy.

Make Safe Driving Fun!
How to Implement a Rewards System for Fleet Drivers
How Fleet Driver Scores Can Improve Safety & Productivity
How to Implement a Solid Safety Plan with Azuga

Driver Safety Rewards

Why Azuga is the choice of small and enterprise fleets

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GPS Fleet Management Solutions

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Fleet Safety

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Driver Rewards

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Fleet DashCam

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Field Service Management

Fleet Sustainability

Fleet Sustainability

Azuga Customer Reviews

Fleet Van
Fleet Vehicle

Joseph T Berrena Mechanicals, Inc

"We are a family run and co-owned business. I trust my technicians, but Azuga helps me verify the information and encourage better driving habits."

Matt Berrena

President & Co-owner

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Environmental Pest Control

Azuga helps me understand where my guys are and to check that the job is getting done and that the team is doing what they are supposed to be doing.

Tommy Kellogg


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Northwest Tank

"Azuga GPS device is next-gen GPS. It’s easy to install, portable between vehicles and provides valuable business insight into asset tracking, fuel wasting behavior, vehicle maintenance schedules and driver performance. We recently switched to Azuga from a hard-install GPS provider and are delighted at the results."

Remy Cano


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"Azuga has been everything and more than expected, creating a highly engaged workforce, empowering each employee to modify his/her driving behavior in real-time."

Chris McKeeman


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Over 350,000 drivers (and counting) trust Azuga!

Corix: "We are better able to evaluate fleet performance"

Enviropest: “Azuga helps me understand where my guys are and to check that the job is getting done”

Air Engineers: “Drivers are mindful of their driving behavior”

Acree: “You set the gold standard with price and service.”

Tribus: “Azuga has helped us positively modify driver behavior.”

APG: “Our Azuga rep is absolutely wonderful.”