How to Monitor Equipment with Asset Tracking Software

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There is no doubt that fleet tracking has improved the process of fleet management and offers a multitude of benefits to your business. Up-to-date fleet management solutions don’t stop there. The addition of asset tracking to your business can offer significant improvements in efficiency, productivity, and your bottom line. Azuga’s asset tracking software is the leading product in today’s market. Take your business to the next level with GPS-based asset tracking software.

Asset Tracking Software

Although you undoubtedly devote valuable time and attention to your fleet vehicles, there is more to your business than cars, trucks, and vans. You have other valuable assets that are critical to your fleet operations. Whether you’re managing construction equipment, trailers, generators, or other essential equipment, you can’t get the most out of it without effective tracking. Asset tracking software is the tool that brings the information together in a usable way. 

Optimize Productivity and Efficiency

Knowing where your assets are at any given time allows you to plan each asset’s most efficient use. Being able to locate and dispatch needed equipment quickly increases efficiency and productivity. High quality, accurate software is critical to this endeavor. The ability to locate assets in real-time allows you to maximize your resources, thus maximizing revenue. Using asset tracking is the next logical step in growing your business.

Reduce Loss

Reducing theft and eliminating unauthorized use of equipment can make a real difference in your bottom line. Sophisticated software can set a geofence for your critical assets, reducing the risk of theft and quickly identifying unauthorized use. Having this technology in use on your mobile assets helps reduce insurance costs and increases the likelihood of recovery of assets if stolen.  

Maximize Revenue

With asset tracking, logging deployment and use in real-time ensures accurate and timely billing for asset use. By making the invoicing process more efficient and precise, you can shorten the time to receipt of payment. All of this has a positive impact on the bottom line.

Asset Tracking Hardware

Rechargeable Asset Tracker

Azuga’s rechargeable asset tracker is a weatherproof device designed for long-term use. It works with assets that are usually connected to either a 12 or 24-volt system but may be disconnected for periods of time. It has a 6-month battery life and is recharged whenever the power is on. This tracker has a superior internal GPS and GPS antennae giving it excellent tracking capabilities. This hardware, coupled with Azuga’s fleet management software, results in fleet tracking applications that are a step ahead of the competition.

Long Life Asset Tracker

Azuga’s powered asset tracker is also a rugged device with exceptionally long battery life. No power? No problem! This tracker can last up to five years while providing daily location reports. Also made with superior internal GPS and GPS antennae, this tracker can provide detailed location and in-motion alerts as well.

When evaluating Azuga’s asset tracking software and hardware, it is apparent that these are exceptional tools in today's fleet management systems. Having GPS-based asset tracking data available will help to improve and grow your business. Every advantage you can use to help set you apart from the competition is key in today’s market. Contact Azuga for a demo and get started today.