How to Enhance Productivity With GPS Tracking and FSM Software for Fleets

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If you manage a field service fleet today, you’re likely familiar with GPS tracking devices and field service management (FSM) software. But you may not be aware of all the ways these products can help boost your fleet’s productivity. 

The truth is, GPS and FSM software combine to create a powerful tool for managing your fleet. They can improve routing, increase customer satisfaction, help keep your technicians safer on the road, lower your insurance premiums, improve communications within your fleet, and so much more. Here are just a few of the ways these technologies can enhance your fleet’s productivity.

Improve Routing

A productive fleet spends as little time as possible sitting in traffic. Fortunately, advanced routing from GPS tracking programs can help your drivers avoid traffic jams, accidents, road construction delays, and other road hazards. With less time spent on travel, your technicians can spend more time on what matters most – service.

Help Keep Your Technicians Safe on the Road

In the wake of an accident or sometimes even a near miss, productivity can suffer. Not only that, the last thing you want to do is to put your technicians or other drivers at risk. With a fully-featured FSM software like Azuga Fleet, you can automate safety. Individual safety scores encourage drivers to pursue good habits while providing extra training and coaching to those who need it. 

Keep Track of Large Assets

If your GPS suite only tracks trucks and vans, you may find yourself wasting time to locate other large assets, equipment, and inventory. Unlike manual scanner methods, GPS asset tracking eliminates human error and shows you exactly where each asset currently stands. You can even set up geofencing to alert you if something goes missing or is being moved without authorization. So the next time you need a generator, backhoe, or storage container, you won’t have to wonder where it is or try to track it down across multiple yards. You’ll see it on the same map you use to track your drivers, allowing you to optimize asset dispatch and keep tabs on all of your large assets.

Automate Maintenance Schedules

Breakdowns and mechanical troubles in your fleet can waste a great deal of time. Preventative and predictive maintenance programs greatly reduce the frequency of mechanical failures, meaning your vehicles can stay on the road longer and your technicians spend less time dealing with breakdowns. Devices that plug directly into the OBD port on your vehicles allow you to receive data about diagnostic codes and other maintenance and repairs-related information. You’ll also want software that lets you schedule routine maintenance tasks for each vehicle in your fleet, preferably based on actual miles driven rather than calendar dates.

Data at a Glance

If your current system requires you to log into several different programs to see basic details about your fleet, maintenance, asset locations, and other vital information, it’s time for an upgrade. An all-in-one FSM software system should provide you with a dashboard that shows you top-level data on important fleet information at a glance. This gives you a clear picture of your fleet in one easy step. You can then click on any specific statistic to learn more and get into the details. Stop wasting your time trying to find the information you need daily and look for an option with a clear dashboard and customizable reports that will provide exactly the information you need, at a glance. 

Lower Insurance Premiums, Less Time Spent Processing Claims

As you improve the safety of your fleet, you’ll have the ability to negotiate down your insurance premiums, freeing up money to be put to more productive use. Not only that, with good FSM software, including dash cams, you’ll have an accurate account of exactly what happened on the road and in the cab in the case of an incident. This means you’ll spend less time processing claims, which will open up time for other tasks more directly related to your company’s productivity. 

Simplify Paperwork

Nobody likes paperwork, but it’s a fact of life in almost any industry. Instead of dreading it, simplify it with automated processes provided by your FSM software and powered by GPS technology. Rather than filling out constant reports, let your software provide reports to you. Make timecards easy with driver and job tracking. Satisfy compliance requirements like the ELD mandate and DVIRs managed on mobile devices. So many of the manual tasks you hated in the past can now be at least partially automated, streamlining the process and making your paperwork more accurate too. 

Improve Communications Within Your Fleet

Have you ever had to waste time trying to figure out where specific technicians are and what they’re doing? Have you struggled to get in touch with someone in the field to let them know of a cancellation or emergency call? A good FSM software suite allows you to be constantly in touch with your drivers as they go about their day, giving you the ability to pivot the schedule as needed.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

With a proper GPS tracking app, technicians can provide superior service to their customers. As we’ve already mentioned, they’ll be less likely to get stuck in traffic and be late for an appointment. They can give accurate estimates of their arrival time, and that means customers won’t have to spend all day waiting for a repair. An accurate ETA boosts customer satisfaction across the board.

Improve Driver Retention

Having to continually rehire technicians and drivers who are not happy with the job is a huge time sink for many field service managers. Programs like Azuga’s Driver Safety Rewards can help slow the march out the door. Gamification of training programs promotes a friendlier, more engaging work environment. And recognizing improvements or excellent quality work helps employees to feel like valued members of the team. Employees who feel appreciated and engaged are far less likely to seek other opportunities, meaning you can spend less time recruiting and hiring and more time running your business.

These are just a few of the ways GPS tracking and FMS software can help you boost productivity in your field service business. Want to learn more about the different ways Azuga can improve your fleet operations? Contact us to schedule a demo today.