The Benefits of Dual-Facing Dash Cams for Fleets

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There’s no question that dashboard cameras, or dash cams, are beneficial to commercial fleets. They protect your drivers from unfair claims, promote accountability on the road, and help curb issues like drowsy and distracted driving. Here are a few of the ways that dual-facing dash cams with AI can benefit your fleet.

Protect Drivers Against False Claims and Fraud

Many commercial drivers seem to think that dash cams that record inside the cab are an invasion of privacy — that is, until they are exonerated by one. The truth is, about 70% of accidents are not the fault of your commercial fleet drivers. And with video evidence, you can stand behind your drivers and prove their innocence when they’re falsely accused.

When there is an accident, it’s common for each involved party to blame the other. If your drivers are involved in a crash, and there are no witnesses, how do you prove that they weren’t at fault? A dual-facing dash cam shows what was happening both inside and outside the vehicle at the time of the crash. When paired with a robust GPS tracking system, you can also see if your driver was speeding, hard braking, or practicing other dangerous hard driving behaviors. 

The level of data provided by dual-facing dash cams means that if the other driver says your employee was on the phone and not paying attention, you can prove otherwise. If your driver is accused of running a red light, video evidence can show exactly what happened. And if someone says your driver was speeding, you can easily disprove that too. 

Insurance Benefits

Fleet operators and managers aren’t the only entities who love dash cams. Insurance companies are thrilled by the proof they offer as well. That’s because these devices minimize liability and help to prevent fraud. In fact, many commercial insurance companies offer discounts for installing safety equipment like dash cams and trackers. 

Documentable proof of the situation surrounding any accident also means you’ll be able to settle claims faster and with minimal hassle. Clear and relevant video footage of what occurred before and during an accident allows insurance companies to resolve any questions surrounding a claim efficiently. This means less time spent dealing with the aftermath of an accident and a quicker turnaround time for the entire process.

Safer Driving

You’re running a business. You don’t have time to babysit your fleet drivers and make sure they’re practicing the best defensive driving strategies every single time they get behind the wheel. Fortunately, an AI-powered monitoring system can promote safety on the road without you having to review hours of driver videos. 

An AI-enabled dash cam can detect risky driving behaviors like illegal phone use, driving while fatigued, and even distracted driving. Such dual-facing cameras then record these incidents and send alerts to fleet managers, allowing you to focus on coaching where it is most needed. Reports will even allow you to see patterns of risky behaviors over time. Best of all, this facial recognition technology works even in low light situations or at night, so you’ll always have an eye on your drivers, no matter the time of day or how far away they are from the yard.

Prevent Vehicle Theft and Recover Assets

Commercial vehicle theft is a major problem. In 2019, the FBI recorded over 720,000 motor vehicle thefts nationwide. When a commercial fleet is the target of theft, the company loses much more than the money spent to repair or replace the stolen vehicle. They can also lose out on productivity, disappoint customers, and potentially lose cargo, assets, or other expensive equipment at the same time. Fortunately, dash cams can help minimize these losses by alerting you to theft and assisting law enforcement in tracking down the criminals responsible.

Azuga’s AI-powered SafetyCams even offer a parking mode. When enabled, the camera will wake up automatically whenever it senses motion in the vehicle. So if a thief breaks in, you’ll have video evidence of the entire event, even if the offender never starts the vehicle. Not only does the dash cam record break-ins, but it can also tell you where your vehicle is being taken so that authorities can recover your lost asset quickly. 

The benefits of using dual-facing dash cams with AI capabilities are endless. Want to learn more about the ways Azuga’s dash cam technology can enhance and improve your fleet business? Request a demo today.