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When it comes to safety and savings, seeing is believing.

A picture is worth a thousand words—it also improves your safety record and reduces premiums. With our vehicle camera system, you see how your drivers perform when it matters most. Keep your employees safe and your business protected.

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Add the Dual-Facing DashCam to Azuga Fleet and reduce your liability.

By capturing your driver’s view of the road, your company—and your insurance provider—have a first-hand perspective of traffic violations and accidents. As a result, claims can be processed more quickly.

Schedule a dashcam demo to learn why fleet dashcams are essential for creating a safety culture for your fleet. Fleet management becomes so much easier with dashcams because you can track driver behaviors without micromanaging your drivers. Azuga offers a variety of fleet dashcam solutions, and you can try out a demo of all of our solutions on this page in five easy steps. 

First, you will need to decide if you are interested in a front-facing camera or a dual-facing camera. Then, you can select how many vehicles you have. We support fleets as small as 1-4 vehicles, up to fleets numbering in the hundreds. Then, you will input the reason you are looking for fleet cameras. These reasons may include driver safety, insurance, passenger safety, false claims prevention, or others. Then, you will enter your first and last name. Finally, you will enter your company name, phone number, and an email where an Azuga representative can reach you. 

After you’ve completed these steps, an Azuga representative will reach out to you to schedule your dashcam demo. Safety should be a top priority for every fleet. A first step in creating a safety culture in your business is tracking unsafe driving behaviors and correcting them. Dashcams help you detect not only unsafe behaviors on the road but also behaviors that occur within the cab. You can improve your fleet’s safety tenfold with dashcams.