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Week of October 24: Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things.

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Welcome to a new blog that Azuga is offering to keep our users aware of exciting new developments in our product lineup. One of the biggest initiatives at Azuga over the past year has been the development of a new version of our flagship product, Azuga Fleet.

Improved User Experience

New look and feel

Streamlined workflows for key tasks

Easy access to key information

Dispatch Routes To Drivers

Redesigned architecture


Support for large numbers of vehicles

Plan Routes With Ease
  • Back up Detection
  • Collision Detection
  • TPMS & Service Appts
  • Safetycam Comments
  • More to come...

Over the coming weeks we will highlight some of the great new stuff in Fleet 2.0.  We hope you will learn a few things and offer any feedback you may have.

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If you manage anything on wheels for your business, this is a safe place to share questions and answers, and learn from other Azuga users and Team Members. 

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