How Your Drivers Can Benefit From Using a Mobile Fleet Tracking App on Their Phones

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Today’s fleet business climate has become more competitive than ever before. In order to get ahead and stay ahead, you have to be a step ahead. Implementing technology and practices that give your company a competitive edge can really make a difference to your bottom line. 

Fleet management software and GPS tracking have gone a long way toward giving companies that competitive edge, and now, having a mobile fleet tracking app can further enhance that edge. Indeed, GPS tracking has essentially changed the way business is done in fleet management. Extending such tracking technology to drivers’ mobile phones has become the next logical step. Here, we look at how a mobile fleet tracking app helps your drivers excel at their work, both on the road and off.

Automates Communication

With today’s most advanced GPS, there’s no more need to make phone calls back and forth from the office to the field. Communication can happen in instant two-way messaging. By reducing phone calls while driving and eliminating the need to pull over to take a call, communication happens more quickly and safely through GPS.

Assists Drivers

Special features of the mobile app help drivers in their day-to-day tasks. They can use the app to locate gas stations, or even to help drivers find their vehicles in parking lots. It is like having a personal assistant in their pocket!

Monitors Vehicle Health

Through the use of mobile tracking apps, drivers are able to get alerts notifying them when maintenance is due. They are also made aware of service needs and potential failures of their vehicles. Getting these real-time updates helps to prevent downtime — and can even prevent accidents.

Reduce Paperwork

Having automated trip logs and time cards accurately records employee time and ensures the most accurate billing — no more filling in logs with estimated times. Having the system automated also helps to capture billing for equipment used and tracking deliveries. Accounting for time and equipment in real-time makes the process more accurate and reduces the time a driver would have to spend logging the information.

Improves Safety

Having a mobile tracking app can also help drivers improve their driving. When engaged in risky driving behaviors such as speeding, hard stops, or rapid acceleration, drivers get alerts and can make immediate changes in how they are operating their vehicles. Improving safe driving practices helps keep your driver and your business safer. Reducing the risk of accidents and citations is a benefit for everyone and can also help to reduce your cost of insurance.

Friendly Competition

Improving safety really becomes an activity for all drivers that can be competitive and fun. With a mobile app, safe driving and driving improvements can be translated into a score that is visible throughout the team. Drivers get to claim bragging rights and challenge each other to improve while enjoying the proper recognition and the rewards that come with it.

Get Rewarded

Everyone likes to be recognized. Mobile tracking apps give managers the ability to send rewards directly to drivers. Have a driver that goes above and beyond? Send a reward to show your appreciation. Acknowledgment and recognition can go a long way toward the satisfaction of your employees.

Improved Efficiency

One of the most important features of a mobile tracking app is its ability to help optimize routes and schedules. Improving efficiency saves time, fuel costs, and unnecessary back and forth driving. Your main office is also able to dispatch more efficiently. 

Giving your drivers access to a fleet tracking app improves not only your overall business and bottom line but also provides drivers with more control and accountability. For the best in fleet management solutions, including a mobile tracking app for drivers, consider the Azuga Fleet mobile app. Azuga is the industry leader in GPS tracking solutions with options available to meet all of your needs. Schedule an online demo today and see the ways your business will benefit. 

With so many benefits available for using a mobile fleet tracking app it simply makes sense to employ this technology across your fleet. Improving communication, safety and efficiency while reducing paperwork and phone calls combine to make mobile tracking a valuable upgrade for your business.