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Top 3 Benefits of GPS Fleet Tracking for Fleet Managers

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GPS fleet tracking is a critical technology that most fleets use to great advantage. If your fleet isn’t using fleet tracking, you may be behind the competition. Even if your fleet is using fleet tracking, you may not be enjoying all of its features. There are so many features of fleet GPS tracking available today that you may be discovering more all the time. Make sure you’re using this software to its full potential and reaping its benefits. This article will outline the top three benefits that fleet managers can take advantage of using GPS fleet tracking software. 

No. 1: Simplify Dispatching

Dispatching is one of the most critical parts of a fleet manager’s daily job, and it can’t be done well without high-functioning fleet management software. When you have more vehicles in your fleet, dispatching becomes even more challenging. Luckily, you can use fleet tracking to make this process easier. Fleet tracking maps out your entire fleet and tells you who to dispatch, where to send them, and how many vehicles you will need for the routes you have. 

Fleet management software with fleet tracking enabled allows you to review routes, assign drivers, and create schedules from a single dashboard. This means that your days of struggling to update drivers have passed. That information is automatically given to them via the driver’s mobile app, where they can see any updates in real-time. This makes communication far more straightforward, helping you streamline your dispatching process. 

No. 2: Promote Vehicle Maintenance

Maintenance issues are another serious issue that will cause delays to your fleet’s productivity. They can cost exorbitant amounts of money in the form of downtime and repair costs and put your drivers at risk if they get into an accident due to mechanical failures. Preventative maintenance is vital to ensure that your fleet avoids these unexpected problems, and fleet tracking can help you achieve this. You will always be the first to know when your vehicles have issues. Your fleet management software can harness telematics, which tracks your vehicles’ health. Telematics can alert you to issues with your vehicles’ tires, engine, or anything in between. When you have this information ready at hand, it’s easy to get vehicles repaired before issues amplify and cause breakdowns. Breakdowns are an expensive burden, and when you avoid them, your fleet is efficient and effective. Combining fleet tracking information with regular maintenance checks ensures that your fleet is well protected against any maintenance issues it may face. 

No. 3: Reduce Fuel Use

Another critical aspect of being a fleet manager is looking for ways to cut costs. And one of the most expensive lines in a fleet’s budget is fuel. With fuel costs on the rise, it may seem impossible to reduce fuel costs, but you can cut down on your fleet’s use with fleet tracking. There are actually a couple of ways that you can do so. 

First, you can take advantage of route optimization software. This software uses machine learning and algorithms to find the most fuel-efficient path incorporating all of your destinations throughout the day. It makes your fleet more productive and efficient and, of course, saves money on fuel!

Secondly, you can track driver behavior. You may be surprised to learn how large of an impact driver behavior has on your fleet’s fuel use. Actions like idling, speeding, and rapid acceleration are massive fuel wasters that can be tracked using fleet tracking software. When the software detects these issues, it will alert you immediately so you can take action to prevent the behavior. You’ll be impressed with how much fuel you can save by cutting down on these fuel-wasting habits. 

Get the Best in Fleet Tracking Software

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