How AI Dashcams Can Reduce Insurance Premiums

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Dash cams are becoming essential for fleets all over the country. They protect drivers, businesses, and everyone on the road. Many fleets use them for these advantages, but did you know you can also receive discounts on your insurance premiums with dash cams? Many insurance carriers offer discounts to fleets that employ AI dash cams in their vehicles. Fleet insurance costs can be expensive, so these savings can benefit any business’s bottom line. Find out how dash cam insurance discounts work by reading on. 

Dash Cams Increase Safety

AI dash cams improve safety for drivers and everyone else on the road. Dual-facing dash cams record what happens on the road and in the cab, providing a complete picture of everything going on at the time of an incident. But an incident does not have to occur for dash cams to be helpful. Dash cams can stop accidents before they happen by detecting dangerous situations such as distracted or drowsy driving. The CDC estimates that eight people are killed every day in the United States in crashes involving a distracted driver. As for drowsy driving, driving for more than 20 hours without sleep equates to driving with a blood-alcohol concentration of 0.08%, which is the U.S. legal limit. Drowsy driving leads to about 100,000 crashes each year, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. 

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could prevent these crashes? AI dash cams can help. They detect drivers losing focus, falling asleep, using their phones, and other behaviors. They can also alert drivers when they drift out of their lane, drop speed, or make other mistakes. If the driver cannot correct their errors themselves, the system will alert the fleet manager to contact the driver and decide what to do. Without dash cams, tracking this behavior would be difficult, and fleet managers would never know. Dash cams can make long strides in preventing accidents and keeping drivers safe. 

Insurers want the fleets that they insure to be as safe as possible. For this reason, they encourage the use of dash cams with discounts on premiums. Dash cams with AI that can detect unsafe driving behaviors are a massive plus for insurance providers, who will, in turn, likely provide a discount. 

Dash Cams Save Money

Accidents are not only unsafe for drivers, but they cost thousands for businesses. The average cost of an accident without injuries is $16,500. With injuries and fatalities, that number soars up to anywhere from $100,000 to $500,000. These numbers do not even include the loss in productivity due to workers and vehicles being off the road. Using dash cams to avoid accidents goes a long way in saving businesses money. 

Of course, even with dash cams, fleets spend so much time on the road that accidents are inevitable. When accidents do occur, it is essential to ensure that fleets are protected. Dash cams do precisely that. When an accident occurs, the dash cam is there to serve as an irrefutable witness. It can testify to what was happening on the road and in the cab when an accident occurs and offer proof when a fleet driver was not at fault. 

70% of accidents are not the fault of fleet drivers. However, fleets are frequently the victims of insurance fraud since fraudsters know they will have optimal insurance policies. Insurance companies know this and therefore encourage their fleets to use dash cams to combat it. Proving fleet drivers innocent in the event of a crash saves both the business and the insurance provider thousands of dollars, so everyone benefits. 


Fleets that protect themselves with dash cams show that they prioritize safety and accountability for their drivers and everyone on the road. This is a quality that insurance providers look for in their clients as it is a sign that a fleet will not be a risk for them. Insurance providers want fleets that will not cost them thousands in accidents and incidents on the road, and just installing a dash cam shows a fleet ready to take accountability for its actions. Azuga offers state-of-the-art dual-facing dash cams with artificial intelligence that detects all forms of unsafe driving behaviors. Azuga’s technology is sure to keep your fleet safe and productive, and with the right insurance company, guarantee you a dash cam insurance discount on your premium. Reach out to Azuga to find out how you can get started protecting your fleet and saving money today!