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The Only FSM Solution you Need to Run Your Entire Trade Services Business

Azuga Works, the best field service management software, is a cloud-based solution that helps growing field service companies manage operations end-to-end. From tracking vehicles to order management to dispatching, Azuga has your business covered.

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Azuga's field service management software is built with your company in mind. From the moment a customer contacts your company for service, to jobs scheduling, and until an invoice is paid, Azuga Works organizes all your critical information in a single platform. Every customer, every job scheduled, every vehicle, every invoice, and team member’s time is tracked to keep things running efficiently to allow you to increase the number of customers you can serve in a day. 

Azuga Works also integrates with Azuga Fleet and Azuga SafetyCam to provide in-cab coaching through buzzers and dual-facing dashcam capabilities to keep your field service workers safe when they are out in the field.

Take Control of Your Field Service Operations with Confidence

Field Service Management Business Software

Improve Operational Efficiency

Streamline business operations and efficiently process work orders between the office and teams in the field by standardizing key workflows as simply or robustly as your business needs, reducing paperwork and duplicate entry.

  • Assign jobs to crews in the field, including a lead tech to each job if needed 
  • Monitor jobs and work order statuses including one-time, recurring, and multi-day
  • Create and manage estimates and invoices directly within Azuga Works
  • Track worker time as simply or granular as needed 
  • Customize fields in the Jobs tool to fit your business data collection needs
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Field Service Management Business Software

Boost Technician Productivity

Boost productivity with smart field management scheduling, routing, and dispatching

  • Track the location of crews in near real-time with GPS fleet tracking
  • Dynamically schedule urgent jobs based on availability to improve utilization of technicians in the field
  • Optimize routes with multiple stops and locations
  • Technicians can view schedules, receive dispatches and mark work orders complete as soon as they finish a job on their phones
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Field Service Management Software for scheduling, routing and dispatching technicians.

“I like that within the FSM platform I can see that a team is finishing up a job and headed to the next one on the Live Map, so when a customer calls in, I can let them know they are four blocks away. It’s a huge help.”

Anne Lambert, Office Manager, Allwell Rents

Field Service Management App
Field Service Management Software for better customer service

Deliver Outstanding Customer Experiences

Build customer loyalty with outstanding service and support

  • Assign specialists & technicians to the clients they already know
  • Respond faster and more accurately to urgent customer requests or disputes
  • Consolidate client and order history information in a CRM for field service
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Field Service Management Business Software

Gain Valuable Business Insights

Access key operational metrics with field service reports anytime and keeps tabs on business finances with visibility into invoices and payments

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Field Service Management Business Software for reporting and data insights
Field Service Management Software for better customer service

A Simpler Way to Process Payments

Business owners like you need a way to take payments simply and securely. With Azuga Works, you can say goodby to the inconvenience of switching between systems. Streamline your payment processing with our integrated billing and invoicing solutions.

  • Take payments in-person, over the phone, and online
  • Quickly and easily schedule recurring payments
  • Automatically update credit card info prior to the expiration
  • Capture insights into your business with robust analytics

Take advantage of a simpler, more transparent way to process your payments with flat-rate pricing set at 2.9% + $0.25 per transaction. No additional fees or contracts required.

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Field Service Management Business Software

QuickBooks Integration

Save Time with a Single Entry

Azuga Works combined with QuickBooks provides a comprehensive field management solution. Azuga Works covers all your service management needs, while QuickBooks covers all your accounting needs. Our seamless integration ensures that the two programs sync data directly to eliminate double entry and reduce errors.

Make an entry in Azuga Works and it automatically updates the customer records and invoices in your QuickBooks Online account.

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Field Service Management Business Software for reporting and data insights

Field Service Management FAQs

What is Field Service Management?

Field service management (FSM) refers to managing an organization’s field resources by coordinating field operations through a mobile workforce. On a high level it involves scheduling service orders, dispatching agents, and tracking vehicle locations, job and worker statuses.

Why does a business need FSM software?

Service companies can leverage FSM to add value and cut costs by managing their technicians in the field. Using FSM increases productivity and job efficiency, improves communication in the field, streamlines work processes, and enhances customer service and loyalty.

Benefits of having an FSM system

FSM touches every part of field operations and helps service-based business:  

  • Consolidates customer and service history information in a single database 
  • Create and manage estimates and invoices directly within Azuga Works
  • Assign and schedule work orders
  • Dispatch technicians to new work assignments
  • Communicate and share job or customer history with workers in the field
  • Collect field data (such as time of arrival, job completion etc.)
  • Accept payments simply and securely from their customers
  • Manage day-to-day accounting transactions to ensure accurate records

What is Azuga Works?

Is a cloud-based field service management solution that helps service businesses streamline field operations, keep track of all customers and job history in one place, handle operational duties efficiently, and in turn deliver outstanding customer experiences, boost productivity in the field and make more money.