The Best in GPS Tracking for Landscapers

Track and offset carbon emissions across all fleet vehicles.

Neutralize 100% of tailpipe emissions and make an immediate impact without costly upgrades to your current vehicles.

Azuga has partnered with GreenerMiles to offer the first streamlined, telematics-enabled program to calculate, track, and neutralize carbon emissions across light, medium, and heavy fleet vehicles
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Fleet Sustainable Benefits


Fleet Sustainable Works

Fleet Sustainability

How It Works

CO2 Emission

Azuga and Greener Miles calculates your CO2 emissions to determine your offset strategy


Automatically invest in carbon offset projects on behalf of your company

Sustainable Fuel

Carbon offset projects include forestry, landfill gas capture, alternative energy, and more.


Receive certification as being a carbon neutral company and share with your stakeholders

Consumers want sustainability

Consumers care about the environment and choose to buy from brands that align with their values.

environmental responsible


consumers willing to pay a premium for environmentally responsible brands

Price & Quality


would switch to a brand with a good cause, given similar price and quality



Gen Z shoppers that want companies to address climate change



believe their purchase choices can have a positive impact on environmental issues

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Field Sustainability FAQs

How do you offset my emissions?

We invest in certified environmental projects that either remove CO2 from the atmosphere or prevent the release of new CO2 into the atmosphere (for example, forestry projects remove CO2, and renewable energy projects avoid new CO2 entering the atmosphere from coal or gas).

Is this process verified?

Any project we invest in must meet rigorous, internationally accepted certification standards required by the registries we work with. Additionally, we are one of the few companies that pays to have an independent audit by Ernst & Young to certify our process and our calculations for all our clients.

What kind of projects do you invest in?

We invest in a wide range of project types, including: conservation/reforestation, landfill gas capture, regenerative agriculture, industrial emissions projects, solar and wind farms, and others.

How will this help my business?

By proactively working to improve your company’s environmental performance, you can gain a competitive advantage and appeal to eco-conscious consumers. Additionally, many organizations are starting to prioritize reducing emissions in their supply chain, and awarding business to partners with a clear climate action plan.

How can I communicate these efforts to my customers?

Participating fleets will receive access to marketing tools, including an annual carbon impact certificate, press release templates, and program seals that can be used on company letterhead/email signatures/etc.