What’s the secret to great roads?
Simplified road usage charging and a little insight.

Make road funding fair and easy. Azuga Insight powers the top road usage charge programs.  

Good for drivers. Good for states.

Whether you're commuting, delivering goods and services, running errands, or taking a trip—road conditions matter. Currently, most road maintenance projects are funded by gasoline tax proceeds. Today there's an easier, more equitable way to assess fees—charge drivers based on actual mileage used. Azuga Insight makes these road usage tax programs possible.

Location-enabled Mileage Recording for Your State's RUC

Drivers enjoy better roads and lower taxes.

With Azuga Insight, the distance you travel is transmitted with ease. Choose a location-enabled mileage recording option and out-of-state miles will be subtracted for you.

State Road Funding

States make funding sustainable and fair.

Submitted automatically, Azuga Insight ensures your state or region receives accurate, timely information, making road maintenance assessment and planning easier.

Azuga Insight Provide States with Distance Traveled by Vehicle

Partners, see what we can do together.

Not only does Azuga Insight provide states with distance traveled by vehicle, but brings a wealth of information to drivers. Explore partnership opportunities with Azuga.

How does road usage charging (RUC) work?

GPS Telematics with Azuga Insight

Drive normally and Azuga Insight collects miles via your chosen method.

Road Usage Charging

If you have a location-enabled device, Azuga applies the RUC to only miles driven within your state or regional boundaries.

RUC Program Tool

If you have a non-location device and your RUC program provides refunds, paperwork is required.

Pay road usage charges automatically with Azuga digital wallet

Pay road usage charges automatically—right from your Azuga digital wallet.

Azuga makes RUC easy

Drive easy knowing Azuga makes RUC a breeze.

See how mileage-based road usage charging (RUC) benefits drivers and states.

RUC - Pay Only for the Distance You Travel

Improve roads.

From convenience to safety, road conditions play a major role in the day-to-day life of residents. As a result, fair and sustainable road funding is crucial. It benefits every driver and passenger.

RUC - Pay Only for the Distance You Travel

Pay for what you use.

Unlike gas taxes—which are tied to mpg—mileage-based charges ensure you pay for only the distance you travel. As a result, road maintenance funding directly reflects road usage.

RUC - Pay Only for the Distance You Travel

Count on privacy.

Only mileage and related charges are reported to the government—your personal information remains private. Azuga technology is offered with and without GPS. Choose the one you feel most comfortable with.

RUC - Pay Only for the Distance You Travel

Be a trailblazer.

Early adopters forge the path to new and better solutions for everyone. Help blaze the trail for your state. You'll influence the way the program is shaped and save money at the same time. Sign up today.

Ready to get started?

Get a little insight.

Easy to set up and use—see what Azuga Insight can do.

Azuga Insight not only makes mileage-based assessment easy and accurate, but also improves safety and protects your privacy.


Signup for Azuga Insights

Sign up for your state's RUC program.

Find out if your state has a program, choose Azuga Insight, and sign up. You'll receive your Azuga device in the mail or alternative instructions via email.


Install Azuga Insights

Install the Azuga device.

Simply plug the Azuga device into your vehicle's OBDII port or follow simple alternative instructions, and information is captured automatically.


Azuga Insights Dashboard

Open Azuga Insight.

Log into Azuga Insight and set up your account. View charges and private information, such as driving scores and trip stats.


Telematics for OReGO

Track and transmit mileage.

Sent automatically and securely, only data required for road usage charging is transmitted to your state, protecting your privacy.

Make funding simpler and roads better. See how.

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