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States are exploring new ways to generate road maintenance revenue. Instead of a gasoline tax, charges would be based on distance traveled. How does it work? Simply plug the Azuga device into the OBD II port in your car, SUV, or truck. Or, when available, choose one of Azuga’s alternative mileage-recording options.

Azuga Fleet Managment Software and App

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In addition to road use tracking, Azuga Insight includes a number of handy features and premium services that benefit all of the drivers in your family.

Road Usage Charge (RUC)

View your road usage information, such as miles traveled, fuel tax credit, and wallet balance.

Visual Trip Logs

See where you’ve been with trip logs. Share routes with friends and make return trips a breeze. View details, such as trip duration, cost, and carbon footprint.


See how well you drive, sharpen your skills, and earn badges for great driving. Compete with friends and family to see who can unlock the most badges.

Safe Zones

Worry less when a family member—such as your teenager—has the car. Set up geographical zones and receive notifications when your car enters and exits zones.

Vehicle Health

Get valuable information about your vehicle's health. Now, when the Check Engine light goes on you'll know why.

Battery Voltage

Monitor battery performance—you'll know when your battery is wearing out and when it's time to replace it.


See where your vehicle is parked, how far away you are, and follow the recommended route to get to it.

Remote Emissions Service

Skip the trip and the hassle! Where available, complete your required vehicle emissions testing with the tap of a button from the comfort of your home.

Find it Forward

Find places—such as gas stations, restaurants, hospitals, and ATMs—near your current location, and in the direction you’re already headed.

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HiRUC Technology Test Drive


Join other Hawaii locals in this ground-breaking project that will help the state determine the viability of road usage charging as an alternative funding system for improving Hawaii roads and bridges. Residents of Hawaii, Maui, Oahu, and Kauai counties are invited to enroll. The HiRUC project is for research only and no bills will be assessed. Enjoy Azuga’s connected car technology for free.



Enrollment Open

Help improve road conditions and save money at the same time with OReGO, Oregon's Road Usage Charging (RUC) program. Also receive free, electronic, state-certified emissions testing with the tap of a button, check-engine light decoding, and battery voltage alerts. You may even save money by paying RUC rather than Oregon vehicle registration fees, mandated to begin January 2020. Join OReGO today.


The Eastern Transportation Coalition


East Coast motorists along the I-95 Corridor can be part of a unique pilot examining the feasibility of a mileage-based user fee (MBUF) system in a multi-state environment. Azuga’s connected car technology is part of this pilot.


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