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States are exploring new ways to generate road maintenance revenue. Instead of a gasoline tax, charges would be based on distance traveled. How does it work? Simply plug the Azuga device into the OBD II port in your car, SUV, or truck. Or, if allowed by your local program, choose one of Azuga’s alternative mileage reporting options.

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In addition to road usage charging, Azuga Insight includes a number of handy features and premium services that benefit all of the drivers in your family.

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HiRUC Technology Test Drive


Join other Hawaii locals in this ground-breaking project that will help the state determine the viability of road usage charging as an alternative funding system for improving Hawaii roads and bridges. Residents of Hawaii, Maui, Oahu, and Kauai counties are invited to enroll. The HiRUC project is for research only and no bills will be assessed. Enjoy Azuga’s connected car technology for free.




Help improve road conditions and save money at the same time with OReGO, Oregon's Road Usage Charging (RUC) program. Also receive free, electronic, state-certified emissions testing with the tap of a button, check-engine light decoding, and battery voltage alerts. You may even save money by paying RUC rather than Oregon vehicle registration fees, mandated to begin January 2020. Join OReGO today.


The Eastern Transportation Coalition


East Coast motorists along the I-95 Corridor can be part of a unique pilot examining the feasibility of a mileage-based user fee (MBUF) system in a multi-state environment. Azuga’s connected car technology is part of this pilot.

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Shield your privacy

All driving data (including location) is separate from the government and password- and PIN-protected. Non-location enabled mileage reporting options are available.

Make an impact

Road usage charging is the future and it starts today. State programs everywhere need everyday people like you to help change the highway funding for the better.

Rest in security

Rest assured your data and transactions are encrypted and protected by current cybersecurity protocols.

Get some perks

Experience driving like never before with Azuga’s Premium Features. Some state programs even offer participating drivers savings on registration fees.

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