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Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Azuga Insight is a brand extension of its parent company, Azuga, a leader in fleet tracking technology. Launched in 2013, Azuga is backed by industry-leading equity partner Sumeru Equity Partners and partnered with the top OBDII device engineering firm in the U.S.

Azuga Insight is a team of professionals dedicated to helping our cities, states, and nation develop first-of-their-kind programs that will improve the integrity and versatility of our infrastructure. Unlike other companies that passively invest in government-focused mobility solutions solely for research and development purposes, and software companies that don’t have the dedicated help that Azuga Insight provides, Azuga takes a hand-in-hand, team approach and is always available to provide our clients and their end users with assistance.

When evaluating road usage charging services, governing agency representatives find that only Azuga provides a turnkey solution, complete with convenience services and limited third party contracts. It is of utmost importance to us to help our governments develop fair and sustainable funding mechanisms and cost-efficient methods of transportation research. Above all, it is our deepest desire to bring vehicle owners convenience, privacy, and connections with their cars that, until now, have only been dreamt of.

We work hard to ensure our clients get all the benefits that the solution can provide, and we’re obsessed with delivering more innovations. Whether it be testing a variety of mobility solutions in their state or region, developing permanent assessment systems, or exploring future possibilities, our team is dedicated to their success. We don’t just win contracts and move them to the backburner. Azuga Insight clients and users alike have relied on us since 2014 for GPS mileage reporting and road usage charging assessment, as we continually innovate to deliver more value—program after program.

Government partnership approach

Our connected future is here, and Azuga is working with government agencies to leverage telematics data to improve how transportation taxes, emissions data, and tolls are collected. Azuga also helps states and municipalities understand traffic patterns and road surface conditions to improve infrastructure planning and upkeep. We believe these kinds of projects are monumentally impactful on communities everywhere and require a great amount of detail-oriented attention directly from our managers and team leaders. This full support and interaction model creates a highly productive and flexible working relationship with our client agencies.

Not all government telematics vendors are the same

As more research on the subject is made available, there is no doubt that a tech-driven, automated mileage reporting process is essential to creating a fair and sustainable road funding mechanism. However, if it’s perceived as costly to install, complicated to operate, and characterized as Big Brother, it loses its appeal among everyday, driving citizens. We ensure and prove to our clients and their constituents that we put their privacy and security first. Moreover, Azuga Insight’s hand-in-hand cooperative approach, time-tested software, and low overhead costs make our end-to-end solution the most competitive in the industry.

Azuga Insight is convenient for drivers and great for states

Azuga Insight harnesses the power of GPS and vehicle diagnostics to create a mileage reporting system that not only does the job, but makes participation in government transportation research programs easier, safer, and more efficient for everyone. Every mile is effortlessly reported and payments automatically collected, allowing incredible convenience to state governments and motorists alike.

In addition to program-essential services, motorists participating in programs enjoy several premium features such as engine diagnostics, battery voltage, and visual trip logs. And, where available, drivers can take advantage of the Azuga Remote Emissions Service (ARES). With ARES, drivers can complete their state-certified emissions test with the tap of a button—skipping the visit to a testing site. As similar government programs are adopted in states across the nation, it is our desire to make ARES available to drivers everywhere.

Satisfaction with automated mileage reporting is significantly differentiated from alternative, manual processes. In a December 2017 final report of the Colorado Road Usage Pilot Program, the Colorado Department of Transportation reported that 93% of program participants were satisfied with the convenience of Azuga’s telematics mileage reporting technology. Compare this to only 55% of participants who were satisfied with manual mileage reporting methods. Additionally, in a recent survey of Azuga Insight users, 40% of respondents said they joined their local program to experience Azuga’s connected car technology. Approximately 97% of Azuga Insight users utilize our GPS-enabled plug-and-play device option.

Platform Scalability

Our revolutionary Data Xchange platform allows seamless integration with government systems (e.g. departments of motor vehicles and environmental quality) and third party mileage recording vendors (e.g. auto manufacturers, telematics aggregators, and fraud prevention image processing vendors, etc.) to provide a variety of convenient mileage recording options. And, through our utilization of a secure, reputable cloud service, we’re bringing fast, reliable functionality on high economies of scale.

With an open system capable of many applications such as congestion-based pricing, transportation research, tolling, and more, our team at Azuga Insight is always looking for ways to learn and deliver better solutions. We readily share our learnings with our clients, partners, and users, and use that information to improve the user experience. Contact Us today to see how we can help you.