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And help states and regions pave the way to better roads.

When your technology helps drivers get where they're going more easily, maintain vehicles more efficiently, and drive more safely—you make a difference. States and regions are turning to mileage-based fees to fund state and regional road maintenance. And Azuga Insight is on the forefront—partner with us and put your technology in the hands of drivers across the country.

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Move telematics forward.

When you partner with Azuga, your technology becomes part of an innovative solution that changes the way roads are funded and drivers interact with their vehicles.


Expand your customer base.

Our extensive experience with government telematics programs brings new opportunities and new customers to our partners.


Count on seamless integration.

When you partner with Azuga, we fund API development and work closely with you to ensure integration is seamless and secure—for you and for users.

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What are the benefits of a partnership with Azuga?

Is my company responsible if a customer fails to pay road usage charge (RUC)/mileage-based user fee (MBUF)?

Why would our customers want to participate in a government road usage charging (RUC)/mileage-based user fee (MBUF) program?

What if road usage charging (RUC) is never mandated? Are there other applications for future use of this technology?

What measures does Azuga take to protect data?

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