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Our software is built to impress even the most scrupulous state leaders and designed with the everyday motorist in mind. State governments customize road usage charge programs to fit specific needs. Everything from mileage reporting options, onboarding requirements, payment modes, and driver pool size are tailored to each region and optimized for growth as local needs inevitably change. Exceptional customer support brings them back again and again for all road user program services.

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Since our debut in the nation’s very first road usage charge program, OReGO, in 2015, Azuga has been on the frontlines of pay-per-mile research across the country. We have participated in countless roundtable discussions on the necessity of highway funding modernization, been integral to the research and advancement of mileage-based user fees in the U.S., and delivered exceptional customer service throughout. Below is a sample of our many projects.

Oregon Road Usage Charge Program

OReGO is the nation’s first program of its kind and open to all vehicles with a fuel rating of at least 20 miles per gallon. Azuga was one of three vendors originally chosen to manage program participation and remains the most popular choice for today’s active participants.

Hawaii Technology Test Drive for Fleet Pilot

Businesses with vehicle fleets have very different needs from that of individual drivers. In partnership with the Hawaii Department of Transportation, Azuga will work with local business in this nine-month project to study fleet needs and challenges related to a road usage charge system.

Oregon Local Road Usage Charge Pilot

The OReGO Local RUC Pilot is a six-month research project designed to closely examine and validate applications for road usage charging as it relates to traffic congestion. Azuga is the sole technology provider for this project, using specialized geofencing and fee assessment services to test multi-layered road charging applications in location- and time-specific use cases.

RUC West Autonomous Vehicle Project

Azuga and some Western state departments of transportation (RUC West) teamed up with private collaborators to help determine the feasibility of applying road usage charges to automated vehicles (AVs). The year-long project includes a six-month pilot and aims to analyze and validate data-sharing methods, as well as address technological and administrative considerations for AV vendors.

Hawaii Technology Test Drive

Hawaii’s two-part research program, The HiRUC Technology Test Drive, explored road usage charges as a viable road funding alternative. Approximately 1,800 participants chose from three of Azuga’s mileage reporting options: location-enabled and non-location enabled devices, and odometer image capture.

The Eastern Transportation Coalition MBUF Study (Phases 1–3)

The Eastern Transportation Coalition (TETC) is a partnership of 17 states and the District of Columbia dedicated to bringing the East Coast voice to the national discussion around mileage-based user fees (MBUF). Azuga has been integral to each of the three research phases of the study with over 1,300 participants.

Oregon Department of Transportation New Technologies Project

Leveraging the state’s OReGO program, The Oregon Department of Transportation partnered with Azuga to test and validate numerous alternative technologies for mileage reporting. For more information on several of these technologies, view or download our whitepaper Mileage Reporting Options for Successful Road Usage Charging.

Oregon Fleet Road Usage Charge Pilot Project

The Oregon Department of Transportation Fleet RUC Pilot Project was a simulation designed to test road usage charge system interoperability with Oregon drivers and ODOT fleet vehicles. Leveraging Azuga’s technology, it was the first pilot to feature testing of data capture and reporting between state systems.

Oregon Transportation Research Project

The Oregon Department of Transportation partnered with Azuga to test the feasibility of leveraging the OReGO road usage charge ecosystem for transportation research. Above and beyond typical road-use information, the nine-month program collected additional data from over 100 volunteers. Operating transportation research projects in this manner would save significant time and money.

Washington State Road Usage Charge Pilot Program

The  WA RUC Pilot Project was a simulation designed to test road usage charges as a replacement for gas tax in the state. Leveraging Azuga’s technology, it was the first pilot to feature testing of financial interoperability between state systems.

California Road Usage Charge Pilot Program

The California Department of Transportation selected Azuga as one of four companies to provide account management services to more than 5,000 participants in the state’s nine-month pilot. It was the largest research pilot in the nation.

Colorado Road Usage Charge Pilot Program

Azuga was chosen as the exclusive hardware provider and account manager for Colorado’s 100-vehicle pilot. Participants were the first to try Azuga’s manual mileage reporting option using our mobile app and web portal.

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