Capitalize on mileage-based user fees.

Put Azuga to work for your state.

Streamline road maintenance funding.

Get ahead of the curve.

As more vehicles use fewer gallons of gasoline—or none at all—road infrastructure funding declines.

The gasoline tax will no longer be a sustainable, fair way to fund roads.

Azuga Insights

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We’re committed to helping you improve roadways in your cities and states.

See how telematics drives mileage-based funding.

Telematics Drives Mileage-Based Funding

With Azuga Insight, distance traveled is captured, providing the information you need to create fair and sustainable funding mechanisms for road maintenance and transportation research.

Azuga Insight at Work

See what a difference mileage-based user fees can make.

As a leader in commercial fleet telematics, Azuga has the technology, track record, and infrastructure to help you create and sustain a mileage-based program—from pilot testing to full-scale implementation.

Count on rigorous security.

We are vigilant about guarding information and providing secure data management. Strict adherence to personally identifiable information (PII) protection, transaction compliance protocols, and secure data encryption enable constant, reliable security.

Look ahead.

Our RUC experience and dedication to innovation, keeps us ahead of the technology curve. As a result, we're adept at future-proofing solutions, ensuring you and your residents get the most from Azuga Insight—today and tomorrow.

Count on flexibility.

Built to handle even the most complex requirements, the Azuga platform delivers hardware and software technology that's flexible, scalable, and quick to implement.

Make funding sustainable.

Innovative, turnkey, and affordable, Azuga Insight provides a sustainable alternative to the antiquated gas tax. In addition to industry-leading technology, we also deliver exceptional customer support.

Rely on our partnership.

Our industry leadership, proven track record, and unwavering dedication, ensure you have an experienced, collaborative partner in Azuga. We're fully invested in the success of your program, mile after mile.  

Enrich and simplify RUC program management.

When you partner with Azuga, we've got you covered.



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There are many technology providers all vying for a contract to manage our state road usage charging (RUC) needs. Why should we choose Azuga?

Wouldn’t the management of road usage charging (RUC) be a costly undertaking?

People don’t want the government anywhere near their data. How could we reassure them?

What measures does Azuga take to protect data?

Why should we trust Azuga with our reputation and limited funds?

Our proposed road usage charging (RUC) program may extend over a large region and may need to onboard millions of users. Can Azuga’s services scale?

If road usage charging (RUC) is mandated, how does Azuga future-proof its systems?

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