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Transition to mileage-based user fees

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As more vehicles use fewer gallons of gasoline—or none at all—the gasoline tax will no longer be a sustainable, fair way to fund roads. Legislators are looking to road usage charging models as a viable alternative. Azuga Insight is the only end-to-end solution.

Streamline road maintenance funding.

Verify mileage with ease.

Choose from a wide variety of mileage reporting technologies to fit individual needs and preferences of every style. Each option is private, secure, and convenient.

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Advanced Device
  • GPS-enabled
  • Automatically deducts out-of-boundary miles
  • Tolling capable
  • Includes all Premium Features
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Basic Device
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Vehicle Telematics
  • Utilizes the built-in connected vehicle system 
  • GPS-enabled or non-GPS
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Smart Devices
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Odometer Image Capture
  • Smartphone app
  • No location enablement
  • Requires smartphone with camera
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Manual Entry
  • No location enablement
Mileage-based user fee

Trust the only all-in-one account management solution.

Azuga Insight is a complete, time-tested mobility pricing platform that is ready to meet any government need whether it’s nationwide or small batch research. Our team supports state authorities and end-users every step of the way.

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Tire Pressure Monitoring

Tire Pressure Measuring System (TPMS) in your vehicle monitors the tire's air pressure continuously and alerts drivers when the pressure varies from the recommended level. TPMS is primarily designed for safety purposes. Underinflated or overinflated tires lead to a less stable ride and a higher risk of blowouts, making driving unsafe. Whenever this occurs, it will trigger an alert to the driver that the tire (or tires) needs to be inflated to the appropriate level.

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Government Integration
  • DMV integration
  • Open platform grows with agency needs
  • Transportation Research
  • API integration for other third party data
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Proprietary & Secure
  • Microsite for participant enrollment
  • User data encryption
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Customizable Software
  • Real or simulation
  • Multiple mileage reporting options
  • Built-in variable pricing flexibility
  • Minimal cost and effort
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Transaction Management
  • Fee calculation
  • Dedicated financial controller
  • Single wallet for government-centric payments
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Full Customer Support
  • Live, dedicated support nine hours a day, five days a week
  • Data management (hosting, aggregation, analysis, etc.)
  • Dedicated project managers
Mileage-based user fee

With Azuga, governments find sustainable solutions.

Unmatched in field experience, Azuga works alongside government authorities and their stakeholders to create streamlined systems specific to the needs of the communities they represent. Our open platform is capable of multiple applications, time-to-implement is minimal, and integration with government and other partner systems is seamless.

Together, we’ll map the future and fix the roads as we go.

Mileage-based user fee
Road Usage Charges
Layered Pricing
Corridor Pricing
Congestion Pricing
Vehicle Emissions
Transportation Research
Mileage-based user fee


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What measures does Azuga take to protect data?

Why should we trust Azuga with our reputation and limited funds?

Our proposed road usage charging (RUC) program may extend over a large region and may need to onboard millions of users. Can Azuga’s services scale?

If road usage charging (RUC) is mandated, how does Azuga future-proof its systems?

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