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The State of Oregon recently raised vehicle registration fees for electric and hybrid vehicles, costing new car owners hundreds of dollars upfront at the time of purchase and on subsequent renewals. For someone buying an electric vehicle, these large fees may be shocking.
Owners of electric and hybrid vehicles can avoid these increased fees if they enroll in OReGO, Oregon’s road usage charge program. OReGO participants pay 1.9 cents per mile driven on Oregon roads and receive automatic gas tax credits and a reduced registration fee at the Department of Motor Vehicles.

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Drivers signed up with Azuga get FREE, private services including engine diagnostic help, battery voltage readings, hassle-free emissions testing, location alerts for monitoring teen drivers, and more. All your data and location information are secure and confidential.

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Enroll in OReGO at any time and take your enrollment confirmation email to the Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles at your next renewal for a reduced fee.

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To receive reduced title registration fees, hybrid and electric vehicles must be enrolled in OReGO at the dealership. Our free download will help you learn how to:

  • Join the OReGO program within minutes
  • Save money with the DMV Waiver
  • Make a positive impact on Oregon roads
  • Receive free, confidential, advanced vehicle technology
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Learn more about the program and if it’s right for you. Click below to explore all the benefits of choosing Azuga as your technology provider.

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Pay only 1.9 cents per mile (driven within Oregon) and a base registration fee.

People join Oregon’s OReGO program to help support the state’s road and bridge infrastructure and many get perks. Participants with fuel-powered vehicles receive automatic fuel tax credits. Electric vehicle owners receive reduced vehicle registration fees. The charts below illustrate savings you can expect from joining OReGO.

Note: OReGO is recommended for vehicles with 40 MPG fuel efficiency or higher. Vehicles under 20 MPG are ineligible.

Gas & Hybrid Vehicles:
Annual Savings in Paying Road Usage Charges Instead of Increased Registration Fees in 2022*

Annual Saving

Electric Vehicles:
Annual Savings in Paying Road Usage Charges Instead of Increased Registration Fees in 2022*

Annual Saving Registration

Enroll in OReGO with Azuga. Skip increased DMV registration fees.


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