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Advantages of Having a Rechargeable Asset Tracking Device

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In the realm of fleet management solutions, asset tracking is more than just throwing a GPS tracker onto your assets. You need to choose the right asset tracking software and hardware to help you improve your operations and reach your goals. How do you go about choosing the type of tracker that is right for you? And what happens when your assets do not have a power source to connect the tracking hardware? 

Fortunately, technology continues to advance, and Azuga remains at the forefront. With Azuga’s asset tracking software paired with their GPS hardware solutions, you can see where your fleet and your assets are at any given moment. Azuga’s rechargeable asset tracker provides several distinct advantages and is ideal for tracking all of your powered assets.

1. Ideal for Long-Term Deployments

The Azuga Rechargeable Asset Tracker is weatherproof and can reliably track powered assets normally tethered to 12 or 24 volt systems, even in the field. The battery has a full six-month life span and is recharged every time the asset powers on. Having a six-month battery life means you can gather data and track the asset even if it sits unpowered for months at a time.

2. Monitor With a Single Web Interface

When you integrate Azuga’s Rechargeable Asset Tracker with our GPS Fleet Tracking system, information transmits to a single easy-to-use web interface. Having one place to evaluate data for all parts of your fleet streamlines the process. 

Our mobile app and web interface are simple to navigate, intuitive, and allow the user to see and interpret the data they need at a glance. Pairing this with other fleet technologies from Azuga can result in the best and easiest way to gain and utilize this game-changing technology.

3. Real-time Data

Real-time data gathered from asset tracking is changing the way fleets are managed in today’s market. Azuga continues to be on the cutting edge of technology and practices that give you an advantage over your competitors. Azuga’s Rechargeable Asset Tracker features real-time dynamic maps and alerts, allowing you to monitor and make decisions effectively and efficiently. 

You will also know in real-time if assets are moving or operating outside of their designated areas. This information can help recover assets and provide information to authorities or insurance companies to help mitigate loss.

4. Historical Reports

A rechargeable asset tracker used in conjunction with fleet management software allows you to evaluate detailed historical data and formulate historical reports. This data can help you make decisions on the best and most efficient use of assets. Every advantage that you can leverage in today’s marketplace is a critical benefit, so having this historical data to analyze is key to your business plan’s planning and execution.

5. Physical Advantages

There are several physical advantages of using an Azuga Rechargeable Asset tracker. A distinct advantage is that it is weatherproof, giving you many options for placement and making it ideal for longer-term deployments. It has internal GPS and GPS antennas, ensuring the most accurate and dynamic tracking available. It also offers superior cellular and wireless performance. The six-month battery life can provide a single message cycle daily when operating on fully charged batteries.

Asset tracking is an essential part of fleet management today and is proven to provide multiple benefits. Pairing quality asset trackers with superb asset tracking software, such as those available through Azuga, results in best-in-class asset tracking solutions. Having rechargeable asset trackers as part of these solutions extends your options and improves your ability to monitor assets of all kinds.