How the Azuga SafetyCam Can Exonerate Your Business

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Dash cams are known among fleets for promoting safety. Of course, nobody ever wants their fleet vehicles to be involved in an accident, but it does occur from time to time. A secondary benefit of dashcams is that they exonerate fleet drivers involved in accidents. The camera footage serves as an irrefutable witness to the events of the crash. Dashcams prevent insurance fraud and other needless insurance payouts all the time by simply recording accidents. It is an effortless way that fleets can save thousands of dollars. 

What Are Crash-for-Cash Scams?

Fleets are often the victims of crash-for-cash scams carried out by fraudsters looking to make a quick buck. A crash-for-cash scam is when a fraudster intentionally causes an accident in which the other driver appears at fault. This behavior can involve braking suddenly in front of a truck, tricking drivers into pulling out into traffic by driving slowly or flashing for them to go, or even jumping out in front of a moving vehicle to obtain injuries. Even worse, scammers will often exaggerate the damage or injuries to increase the insurance payout. These scams can cause immense stress and loss of productivity for fleets, but the scammers do not have to win. Dashcams often prevent these fraudsters from getting their way. 

How do Dashcams Exonerate Drivers?

Dashcams are the fleet’s witness in the event of an accident that occurs on the road. They can show fraudsters jumping out in front of vehicles, braking suddenly, lacking brake lights (scammers often remove their brake lights), or otherwise intentionally causing accidents. Azuga’s SafetyCam, one of the most popular dashcams among fleets today, shows a 155-degree view of the road in 1080p, so you can get a clear picture of the accident. In addition, it automatically records any dangerous incidents and uploads them to the cloud for review, so nobody has to sift through hours of footage to find them. 

After an accident, handling insurance claims can be a lengthy process. Having dashcam footage on hand can make that process quicker and simpler for everyone involved. The faster everyone deals with insurance, the more time that fleet managers can spend on more productive matters. 

Exonerating Drivers Saves Money

Accidents are some of the most costly incidents that can befall a fleet. Here’s a breakdown of what the average accident can cost for fleets: 

Average cost without injuries: $16,500

Average cost with injuries: $74,000

Average cost with fatalities:* $500,000

If a SafetyCam can save businesses up to half a million dollars, what reason is there not to have them installed? Not only do dashcams prevent fleets and insurance companies from having to pay out massive amounts to fraudsters, but they also save businesses money on insurance premiums! Insurance companies see the potential savings a dashcam offers and incentivize their clients to install them by offering discounts on premiums. If there is no discount simply for having a dashcam, fleets can use data gathered from dashcams to prove a safe driving record and obtain discounts that way. The SafetyCam is worth every penny that a business invests. 


Dashcams are a sound investment for fleets of any size. Not only do they promote safety, but they exonerate drivers from insurance scams and save businesses money in a variety of ways. Azuga’s SafetyCam is top-of-the-line when it comes to dashcams for fleets, and any fleet can benefit from having one. Reach out to the experts at Azuga today to find out what technology is best for keeping your fleet safe and obtaining savings year-round.