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Top 3 Benefits of GPS Fleet Tracking for Fleet Drivers

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GPS fleet tracking is becoming commonplace in most fleet businesses these days. It makes fleets more productive, protects assets, and keeps vehicles and drivers safe while preventing bad habits. Many fleet businesses and managers enjoy the benefits of fleet tracking software every single day. However, fleet drivers are not always 100% on board with the idea of fleet tracking software, as it can make them feel micromanaged. This is not the goal of implementing fleet tracking software, and it brings many benefits to drivers that they may not perceive. Let’s discuss the top three benefits of GPS tracking for fleet drivers.

No. 1: Improved Safety

Safety is the most crucial factor for drivers in their jobs. It is risky to be behind the wheel all day, and anything that makes their jobs safer is a benefit. GPS tracking is one of these tools. GPS tracking makes drivers safer in a couple of different ways. 

First, when managers know where their drivers are, they will be the first to know when something strange is going on. If the car is stopped unexpectedly or hasn’t moved in a while, managers will have cause to be concerned and check in with their drivers. If a driver is somewhere desolate and something happens, it may otherwise take a long time for anyone to notice something has happened, so this is a critical tool. 

Secondly, fleet tracking tracks unsafe driving behaviors. It tracks behaviors like speeding, hard braking, rapid acceleration, and more that put your drivers at risk of an accident. When drivers are caught exhibiting these behaviors, they may not be happy to be pulled off the road, but it does prevent them from ending up in an accident and keeps them safe in the long run.  

No. 2: Easier Communication

When fleet drivers have difficulty communicating with their managers, it can make for a frustrating workday. Constantly providing updates or check-in can be tedious or prohibitive, and most workers do not enjoy that part of the job. However, real-time fleet tracking software eliminates the need for most tedious communication. Fleet managers can easily tell where drivers are by looking at their dashboard. They can even see a list of each driver’s jobs for the day and where they’re going next. This means that managers don’t have to call or text their drivers for updates, and drivers don’t have to stop what they’re doing to check in. It makes life far easier for drivers every day when they can focus on their work without interruption. 

No. 3: Easier Navigation

Another aspect of the everyday job that may bring frustration to drivers is spending time in traffic or struggling to navigate city streets. Every fleet uses different navigation software that may not be as effective as another to get your drivers to their destinations. But fleet tracking allows your fleet to use route optimization software, which offers all kinds of benefits. 

Route optimization software uses algorithms and machine learning to determine the most efficient route to all of your driver’s destinations throughout the day. It is a massive benefit to the business, as it boosts productivity, but it also makes life easier for drivers. It helps them get more jobs done throughout the day, first of all. They no longer have to worry about frustrating navigational issues because route optimization software tells them exactly where they need to go. 

This software also cuts down on time spent sitting in traffic. Wasted time is a significant pain point for drivers, and any way to reduce it is a major plus. Fleet drivers will enjoy all of the benefits of route optimization software as much as their managers! 

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