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Top 3 Reasons Your Construction Company Needs Fleet Management Software

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Construction is a fast-paced environment, and managing all of your fleet operations can be a significant challenge. Fleets have many needs, and the construction industry has specialized requirements such as construction vehicles and scheduling activities on a construction site. As a construction fleet manager, your goals are to reduce expenses, increase productivity, encourage efficiency, promote safety, and ensure government compliance. Fleet management software can assist your fleet in these endeavors in various ways. This article will outline three ways that fleet management software helps achieve these goals. 

1.Track Operations in Real-Time

You’re usually managing more than one site at once, and of course, you can’t be in multiple places at the same time. However, you still need visibility into what is going on at your construction sites. You need to know where every vehicle is, which ones are on the road, and which are at each location. 

Meanwhile, you need to manage arrival and departure times, along with deliveries. Luckily, fleet management software allows you to track all of your vehicles right from your smartphone, so you know what’s going on with your vehicles no matter where you are, even if you’re at your home office. With just the touch of a button, you can determine the exact location of any vehicle or asset in real-time. Advanced fleet tracking systems even allow you to generate reports that tell you about driving behavior, speed, start and stop times, and engine hours. All of this information can help you with your logistics planning. 

Furthermore, tracking information can help you prevent the theft or unauthorized use of your vehicles. You can set up a geofencing feature, which creates a virtual perimeter around a specific area. When a vehicle exits this perimeter, you receive an alert to your phone. You can alert authorities as soon as you receive this alert, and then you can tell them exactly where your vehicle is. This increases the likelihood that the police will recover your vehicle in good shape. You will save an immense amount of money, and your fleet will be able to remain productive. Theft is one of the worst things that can happen to a construction fleet, and preventing it is a significant benefit to your team. 

2.Simplify Invoicing

Invoicing can be a significant challenge for construction companies. When construction projects increase in size and take on more and more stakeholders, tracking payments and invoices can become challenging, and the process can often lead to disputes. If these disputes aren’t monitored properly, they can cost even more to the business. 

Fleet management software helps you simplify invoicing in a couple of ways. Of course, it helps you meet your deadlines, which is the first step in protecting your payments. But it also helps by providing the data you need to protect yourself in light of an invoicing dispute. If a client disputes the hours you bill, you can pull up the hours that a piece of equipment was in use or was en route to a specific location. You can provide those reports to the client and prove that the time you billed is consistent with the time that you billed in their invoice. 

Fleet management software can provide you with all kinds of reports that are crucial for not only your invoicing but for all aspects of construction fleet management. You can use them to make critical business decisions across the board regarding finances, safety, and the use of your assets. 

3.Optimize Delivery Routes

It’s essential in the construction industry to be consistent when it comes to delivering. Of course, there are a lot of variables that can cause delays, but you must be able to handle these issues quickly and efficiently. With fleet management software, you can take advantage of a feature called route optimization. Route optimization uses algorithms and machine learning to find your fleet the most efficient route from Point A to Point B, avoiding as many delays as possible. It can circumvent delays like traffic, school zones, and construction zones. When you have a well-detailed schedule and can carry it out effectively, your construction business will have a positive reputation for being on time and efficient. 

Furthermore, route optimization software saves your business money on fuel, a significant cost for any fleet business. Any way a business can cut costs is a huge bonus, so route optimization software is an excellent investment. 

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