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Top 5 Must-Have Features of Vehicle Tracking Software

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Vehicle tracking software is a must among fleets of any shape or size in these modern times. It helps keep fleets effective, efficient, and safe while saving them money and keeping customers satisfied. There are many options available for vehicle tracking software today, and it can be hard to choose which one is best for your fleet. However, some features are essential for modern fleet tracking software. We will outline five critical features, so you know what to look for when evaluating new software. 

1. Real-Time

Any tracking software you choose must have real-time tracking capabilities. If it doesn’t track in real-time, it won’t be of much use to you. Seeing the vehicle move with up-to-date vehicle health details will give you a much clearer picture of what is happening with your fleet. You will be aware should your vehicles stray from their expected routes, encounter any delays on the road, and even if they have difficulties such as engine trouble or tire problems. You can even track driver behavior such as speed, hard braking, rapid acceleration, fatigue, distraction, and more. If you feel a driver is unsafe, you can reach out to them to find out what is going on. It is like being in the passenger seat of all your vehicles at once! 

2. Mobile App

Everything has a mobile app these days, from your bank to your favorite restaurant. Why shouldn’t your fleet tracking software have an app? You’re not tied to your desk all day, and you need to have access to crucial information at any time. A fully featured mobile app gives you all of the information you can access from your desk right in the palm of your hand! Drivers can keep track of their time, jobs, and logs from the app, while you manage dispatch, maintenance, and everything else. Being able to do everything on the go is the advantage of living in the 21st century, so harness that power for fleet tracking!

3. Route Optimization

One of the top advantages of fleet tracking software is the ability to create routes automatically. Overlapping routes, missing shortcuts, or assigning the wrong vehicle for the job are problems of the past. Now, route optimization software uses fleet tracking technology to figure it all out for you! Route optimization software uses machine learning, algorithms, and historical data to find the most efficient route from Point A to Point B, using the least amount of gas, the most amount of vehicles, and the least amount of time. Even better, you don’t have to constantly call drivers to update them about their routes. The system automatically updates when there are changes so that drivers stay informed without frequent check-ins. Route optimization results in more completed jobs each day and higher customer satisfaction, benefiting everyone — both customers and the business. 

4. AI Dash Cam Technology

Dash cams have come a long way since their introduction decades ago. Now they are equipped with artificial intelligence that tracks driver behavior both on the road and in the cab. It provides a comprehensive look at everything going on with your vehicle as if you were there. AI dash cams can detect signs of distraction and drowsiness in drivers, alerting them and giving them the chance to correct their behaviors. If they cannot adjust, the system notifies you so you can take corrective action. Dash cams catch all kinds of unwanted behaviors such as: 

  • Eating and Drinking
  • Using a Phone
  • Smoking
  • Yawning or Fatigue
  • Not Focused
  • Camera Obstruction

Distracted driving is one of the most significant dangers on the road today, so catching it before it causes an accident is a huge step towards promoting driver safety. 

5. Customizable Alerts

As a fleet manager, you have so much to keep track of that you can’t possibly be on top of everything all the time. That’s why you’ll want to set up alerts. Let your fleet tracking software keep up with things for you and alert you only when you’re needed. You can set alerts when drivers waste fuel by idling, maintenance is required, drivers are speeding, a vehicle is on the move when it’s not supposed to be, or other negative driving behaviors occur. There are many options for setting customizable alerts to fit your needs if you have decent fleet tracking software. 


Fleet tracking is a necessity for any fleet business. It’s essential to keep track of all aspects of your fleet, from location to maintenance to safety. Azuga offers top-of-the-line fleet tracking software with all of these features and more to help your business grow and succeed. To try it out for yourself, get started with a demo on our website.