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The Top 5 Fleet Management Tools For Pest Control Companies

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Pest control companies have a lot to handle when it comes to managing their fleets. There is a lot on a pest control fleet manager’s plate, from the multitude of technicians they must dispatch to the customers they need to keep happy. That’s why fleet managers may look into fleet management tools to help make their jobs easier. There are many fleet management tools available for managers to make their everyday jobs easier. This article will break down the top 5 fleet management tools that pest control fleet managers should use to maximize the efficiency of their fleets and better their business. 

1. GPS Tracking

GPS tracking is a feature that most fleets will benefit from, but pest control fleets will see particular advantages. Seeing all of your drivers on one map helps you decide how best to delegate tasks to your fleet. It can help you determine how many technicians you need and when you need them, allowing you to make schedules with ease. Furthermore, with GPS tracking, you can give customers automatic ETAs on when your technicians will arrive. Since pest control companies usually work in large arrival windows, this helps the customer plan their day better and improves their satisfaction with your business. Most fleets use GPS tracking these days, and with good reason. Modern fleets can’t compete without it, so don’t get left behind. 

2. Dispatching Tools

Dispatching can be chaotic for any industry, but with pest control, many jobs are often coming in and out, so it can be a lot more challenging. That’s why it’s crucial to have dispatching tools that will help make the job easier. A good fleet management software will allow managers to assign and monitor jobs all from one place. Ideally, it will come with a mobile app where employees can accept, change, or update jobs as needed without reaching out to their managers. It will update in real-time so that managers don’t have to check in; the information they need is readily available. Then, throughout the day, managers can track worker time, schedule jobs, and dispatch based on worker availability and location. This tool immensely improves communication between drivers and managers to create a more efficient fleet.

3. Driver Rewards

When technicians aren’t eradicating pests, they’re out on the road, and a manager’s top priority should be their safety. Fleet management software tracks driver behavior using telematics and can detect unsafe driving behavior that indicates a distracted, drowsy, or aggressive driver. These behaviors may include speeding, swerving, harsh braking, and other similar actions. Not only does the system send the manager an alert when these behaviors occur, but it keeps track of them and assigns each driver a safety score based on their driving behavior over time. Those who drive safely become eligible for driver rewards such as gift cards to their favorite establishments. Driver rewards help create a culture of safety among fleets, encouraging drivers to watch their behavior and adding a little friendly competition to keep drivers safe. 

4. Route Planning

Pest control fleets have many different destinations to travel to each day, which can lead to high fuel costs for the company. Vehicle maintenance and good driving behavior can help prevent this, but one tool that helps more than anything is route planning. Route planning software uses machine learning and algorithms to help vehicles get between destinations in the most efficient way possible. It benefits businesses in a variety of ways. Of course, it cuts down on fuel costs, but it also saves a significant amount of time and also improves customer service by ensuring that technicians always arrive at the job on time. It even allows more vehicles and technicians to join the fleet and get more jobs done. Route planning software is a top benefit that fleet management software has to offer. 

5. Maintenance Alerts

The more vehicles a fleet has, the harder it can be to keep up with vehicle maintenance. However, vehicle maintenance is an essential job for a fleet manager. Luckily, there are tools like maintenance alerts to help managers stay on top of their many vehicles. Maintenance alerts let managers know when vehicles are due for their scheduled maintenance and when there is an unexpected issue that needs addressing. Furthermore, fleet management software can generate maintenance reports that show problems over time, so managers can detect recurring problems with vehicles and be proactive on major issues. 


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