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Enhanced Vehicle Data

Get access to vehicle data like seatbelt usage, fuel levels, odometer mileage, throttle position and more on supported vehicles.

Trip Logs and Tags

Tag trips as business or personal and capture details, including starting point, destination, stops, locations, distance, speed, and idle time.

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Scheduled Maintenance

Reduce vehicle downtime and costly repairs by planning, viewing, and managing vehicle maintenance.

Electric Vehicle Data

Get access to vehicle data for electric vehicles like battery level, charging status, and more. Plus, get access to tire pressure, oil life, and door lock and unlock on newer ICE vehicles (2015 and newer).


Fuel is the highest cost for almost every fleet in the business. Reduce expenses by directing drivers to the closest gas station, in their vicinity, with the cheapest fuel.

Azuga Coach

End poor driving habits with training solutions tailored to fit every driver Delivered through Azuga FleetMobile, Azuga Coach is a comprehensive selection of online safety training videos  for drivers to promote better driving habits and reduce fleet crash rates.

Lesson topics include:

  • Avoiding Collisions while Backing &Parking
  • Preventing Rear-End Collisions
  • Avoiding Collisions at Intersection
  • Avoiding Aggressive Driving
  • Driving Impaired - Not Worth the Risk


Know when, where, and under what driving conditions speeding occurs, relative to the posted speed limit. This dynamic solution reduces speeding across the board.


Tire Pressure Monitoring monitors the tire's air pressure continuously and alerts drivers when the pressure varies from the recommended level.

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