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4 Reasons for Fleet Managers to Integrate Geofence Alerts with GPS Tracking

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Geofence alerts are one of the most useful tools for fleet managers today. You may not even be able to think of all of geofencing’s uses immediately, but many are helpful in everyday fleet operations. Geofence alerts can help with everything from keeping drivers safe to ensuring drivers are on task to streamlining everyone’s duties. Geofencing can be helpful in every aspect of fleet management if used correctly. This article will go over the uses of geofencing so you can get the most out of it. 

No. 1: Improves Driver Safety

Of course, driver safety is a top priority of any fleet manager, and geofencing is one way that you can keep drivers safe on the road. Because fleet drivers are on the road for thousands of miles every month, they are at higher risk for accidents, carjackings, and breakdowns. Geofence alerts tell you immediately when a driver is not in an area where they’re supposed to be, allowing you to check on them and ensure that they are alright. If there is an issue, you can assist immediately, and tracking tells you exactly where the vehicle is, so you know exactly where to go. 

No. 2: Reduces Theft

Vehicle and asset theft is a significant hindrance to fleet operations. It costs money to replace them, causes downtime while the fleet can’t use all of their tools, and is an overall roadblock to the business. Luckily, geofence alerts can prevent vehicles and assets from being stolen. Whenever a vehicle exits its designated area, the fleet manager will receive an alert. They can then alert the authorities exactly where their vehicle is so they can track it down. This increases the likelihood of recovery and decreases the impact on the fleet business. 

No. 3: Improves Customer Service

Customer service is another top priority for every fleet. Any fleet that can’t please its customers takes a hit to its reputation and has trouble getting repeat or new business. It’s a problem all around, so businesses work hard to maintain their positive reputations. Geofencing allows fleets to set up delivery notifications and automatic reports, so fleets can let their customers know if their delivery or driver will be late. Customers appreciate regular communication, so this feature gives you a strong advantage when it comes to your business’s customer service. 

No. 4: Reduces Downtime

Fleet tracking can tell a fleet manager what their vehicle is doing at any given time. This means they can see any idle time or when a vehicle is not where it’s supposed to be when it’s supposed to. When fleet managers find their vehicles are not in use more than expected, they can assign them to different jobs or even increase the business’s workload to limit its downtime. What’s important is that they can take action to make the business more productive. 

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