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Benefits of School Bus Fleet Tracking

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Managing a school bus fleet can be more challenging than many other fleet types. You have the safety and security of children on your hands, and you must remain in communication with parents when delays and emergencies arise. Luckily, technological advancements like GPS have made it easier to manage school bus fleets. Let’s dive into the benefits of school bus fleet tracking now. 

Boosts Student Safety

School bus drivers have the unique responsibility of being responsible for the lives of every student who gets on the bus. Of course, parents may worry about placing their students’ safety in the hands of a stranger. Some schools give parents access to their buses’ GPS information, so the parents can track their child’s way home. Other schools keep the GPS information, but worried parents can call in and check their students' locations.

This has two benefits. First, it gives parents peace of mind that their child is on their way. Secondly, drivers tend to perform best when they know their behavior is being tracked. Trackers working in real-time ensure that drivers are always on their best behavior. 

Prevents Missing Children

Unfortunately, the number of missing children has been on the rise. Schools are responsible for keeping track of children when those children are under their care. That includes when those children are on their school buses. A tracking system helps ensure that children are safely dropped off where they are supposed to go. GPS tracking is a small investment that goes a long way toward keeping children safe. 

Helps with Bus Maintenance

Schools have a tight budget. Preventative maintenance is critical when it comes to taking care of school buses. It prevents costly breakdowns and minimizes downtime when the buses need repair. Planned repairs allow the administration to obtain replacement buses so students always have a way home. As with any important task, planning is vital and ensures the efficient operation of your bus fleet. 

Enhance Route Planning

Students arriving late to school is a serious problem. It can get them in trouble and even affects their education. Buses arriving late can be due to several factors, including an employee shortage or heavy traffic. But it can also be due to an inefficient bus system. With a GPS fleet tracking system, you can utilize route optimization software. This system will determine the best bus route in real-time, considering any stops you need to make along the way. It factors in traffic, weather, construction, and other possible delays. 

Save on Fuel Costs

We mentioned tight school budgets earlier in the article. Fuel expenses are another expense that schools simply can’t afford to waste. Route planning software also helps with this by finding the most efficient route for your buses. When your vehicles aren’t wasting time sitting in traffic or idling at construction sites, they don’t waste fuel and can use it more efficiently. 

Start Tracking Buses with Azuga Today

Azuga’s state-of-the-art fleet tracking software can help your school bus fleet become more efficient and keep students safe. Our system offers all the benefits mentioned in this article and more! Learn how we can help by speaking with one of our experts today. 

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