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Technology to Support Your Fleet Safety Program

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This blog often discusses creating a safety culture among your fleet. Such a practice is critical for keeping your drivers and everyone else on the road safe while boosting your business’s reputation, efficiency, and bottom line. Part of creating this safety culture involves laying out a thorough safety program. 

We’ve discussed safety programs in our glossary, but it is a challenging endeavor with many factors to consider. In this article, we will discuss Azuga’s fleet safety solutions that support your fleet safety program, so you can more easily build this program and implement it in your business. 

Driver Scores and Driver Rewards

One part of creating a safety program is evaluating your drivers’ performance. This is why Azuga offers a fleet management safety solution called driver scores. Driver scores measure a driver’s performance, assigning a number from 0 to 100. These scores take all sorts of data points into account. 

Azuga’s driver scores track specific metrics that lead to a safer, more efficient fleet and show drivers their scores so they can see where they stand. To get the most out of driver scores, you’ll want to ensure that drivers know exactly what they’re being ranked on and include tips or training options that drivers can use to improve their scores. 

What is one of the benefits of measuring driver performance? You can reward drivers for good behavior! Azuga offers a driver safety rewards program that gamifies the driver score system. Top performing drivers will receive rewards based on your budget, encouraging them always to do their best. With driver scores and rewards, it’s easy to promote the best driving behavior. 

Azuga SpeedSafe

Speeding is one of the greatest dangers on the road, so your fleet will be looking to reduce it with a fleet safety program. Azuga SpeedSafe is an add-on that you can get with your fleet management software that reports on vehicle speed compared to posted speed limits. 

You’ve probably heard of GPS systems with a basic speeding alert feature, but Azuga’s SpeedSafe feature goes above and beyond by providing context. It shows you where the driver was speeding and the posted speed limit at that location. It even analyzes the driver’s progress by determining if the driver is doing better than they were previously regarding their speed. This technology helps you better measure and detect high-risk driving behavior. 

Azuga DriveSafe

Azuga DriveSafe is an add-on that works with SpeedSafe to promote safety in your fleet. Its goal is to monitor and prevent distracted driving caused by phones in your vehicles. This is made possible by blocking phone calls, texting, and most apps from working while your drivers are operating the vehicle. To utilize this add-on, you’ll just need to take three easy steps: 

  1. Define your mobile usage policy. Once you do so, the system prompts drivers’ devices to download the Azuga FleetMobile app. 
  2. Install Azuga’s OBD-II device in each vehicle and pair it with each mobile device using Bluetooth. 
  3. Monitor and/or block unauthorized activity. This way, Azuga DriveSafe can automatically enforce your mobile usage policy while vehicles are on the road. 

Azuga Coach

Training is critical to your fleet safety program, and Azuga Coach helps you implement initial and continued training for your fleet. This feature provides a comprehensive selection of online safety training lessons to promote the best driving habits and reduce crashes. Driving Dynamics’ DrivActiv eLearning™ provides these lessons. The features of this add-on include:

  • Integrated with Azuga FleetMobile. 
  • Standard lessons: 15-20 minute lessons that feature knowledge checks upon completion.
  • Safety Tips: 3-4 minute micro tips that serve as refreshers.
  • Videos are automatically assigned on Mondays based on each driver’s score and habits.

Of course, you’ll want to lower accident rates, and Azuga Coach is one of the best ways to do so. You can ensure that drivers are learning what they need to know, and because they can learn on their own time, it is easy to ensure that the information sticks. 

Support Your Fleet Safety Program Today

If you’re in the process of creating your fleet safety program or are looking for ways to enforce it better, look no further than Azuga’s many features. Talk to one of Azuga’s experts to see what features will work best for your needs, and we will find a package for you. Schedule a demo today!