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How to Set Up Geofencing Using GPS

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Geofencing is a popular and valuable tool in the fleet management arena. You can use geofencing for various purposes, from preventing theft to keeping your drivers safe. Let’s explore geofencing, its benefits, and how to implement the technology for your fleet. 

What is Geofencing?

Geofencing falls under the fleet tracking umbrella. It allows fleet managers to enact a specified perimeter virtually around specific locations. Managers can do whatever they want with this perimeter! For example, they can set it up to provide an alert whenever vehicles or assets leave the boundary during certain hours. These are “if this, then that” commands, meaning if a specific event occurs, then the geofence is programmed to respond a certain way. 

What are the Benefits of Geofencing?

Geofencing has more uses than one might think. Let’s go over the benefits of this tool. 

  • Tracking: By setting perimeters around a loading area, destination, or rest area, you can see how long your fleet drivers spend there and get an alert when they’re on their way to the next part of their journey. 
  • Theft Prevention: Unfortunately, theft is an immense problem for fleets. Set up a perimeter around your storage warehouse. Then, you’ll get an alert when your assets are moving unexpectedly. 
  • Efficiency: Maintenance is a significant cause of downtime in fleets. You can set up a geofence around your maintenance shop and get an alert when your vehicle is done. This reduces time spent in the shop and gets your drivers back on the road. 
  • Customer Service: Customer service is critical for any business. Geofences can help keep your customers in the loop. They make it possible to send delivery notifications and status updates automatically. 

How to Set Up a Geofence

Of course, every fleet tracking system works differently. For this article, we’ll use Azuga’s geofence feature. Setting up a geofence is much easier than you may think!

Simply pull up a map of the region where you want to set up a perimeter, then draw it in however you like. Then, you will set up the rules for that geofence using an easy form. Setting up a geofence with Azuga takes seconds, and you’ll see the results immediately. 

Azuga’s Fleet Tracking Solution

Geofencing isn’t the only feature in Azuga’s comprehensive fleet tracking solution. Other features like asset tracking and maintenance alerts help you keep track of everything in fleet management. Learn all the benefits by scheduling a demo with one of our experts!