How Azuga is Transforming Fleet Management for the Field Services Industry

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AI, cloud technology, GPS, and the Internet of Things (IoT) are bringing endless possibilities to numerous industries worldwide. In the field services industry, fleet management software gives companies the capability to track their fleet vehicles, monitor technicians, and manage daily operations in an increasingly intuitive and cost-effective way. 

At Azuga, we combine geocoding technology, cloud-based data storage, and predictive analytics to create solutions that empower field service businesses to better serve their customers and staff. 

Azuga Does GPS Fleet Tracking Differently

GPS fleet tracking isn’t exactly a new concept — it’s had mixed reviews. It’s expensive. It has a steep learning curve for some. And some fleet drivers may not be happy to learn about their company’s new tracking protocols. 

At Azuga, we looked at the GPS fleet tracking market and asked ourselves, “How can we create a fleet tracking solution that’s more intuitive and less invasive?”

Our fleet tracking GPS devices are straightforward to install. After a simple plug-and-play installation, your entire fleet will be connected to our GPS fleet management software. Your drivers don’t have to feel like you’re watching their every move, either. With Azuga, GPS tracking software makes the technician’s job safer, more comfortable, and more manageable through gamification. 

Bringing Safety to the Forefront

Driver safety is always a top concern in any field service-based business. With Azuga’s GPS fleet management, you’ll get alerts when your drivers exceed the speed limit or suddenly slam on the brakes. If you want full control, our app can disable their smartphones’ call and text functions until they come to a complete stop. Add gamification and safety rewards to the mix, and your drivers will actually want to drive more safely. 

The World’s Smartest Fleet Dashcam

Azuga’s dual-facing, GPS-enabled dash cam provides benefits for both your business and your drivers. Fleet drivers do not cause most accidents involving fleet vehicles. A dashcam can give you undeniable proof if someone attempts to hold one of your drivers liable for a traffic accident. Dual-facing dash cams give you an added layer of protection, encouraging safer driving behavior, and providing video evidence of any potentially reckless driving or other inappropriate behavior on the road. 

Advanced Reverse Geocoding

Reverse geocoding allows our software to convert latitude and longitude coordinates into street addresses instantly. While your fleet vehicles are on the move, our GPS devices pull coordinates from satellites in real-time. With reverse geocoding, your fleet managers will have up-to-the-second location data for every vehicle in your fleet. That means better routing and even more efficient trips for your drivers.  

Streamline Operations With FSM Software

Fleet management is an essential aspect of any field service business. But at Azuga, we recognized that there are other challenges technicians, managers, and office workers face. Our field services management software puts your entire company’s operations in the palm of your hand.  

What can Azuga do for your company?

Build Efficient Workflows

Sending technicians out to jobs with clipboards and carbon paper is a thing of the past. Azuga allows technicians and managers to access and process work orders remotely. You can assign jobs to workers while they’re in the field, and they’ll be notified on their end through the Azuga app. Managing customer requests and scheduling service appointments are all handled in a streamlined, easy-to-understand fashion. 

Boost Technician Productivity

Azuga’s routing and scheduling processing empowers your technicians to get from one job site to another using the quickest, safest, and most optimized routes. Technicians can complete work orders, receive updates, and process payments while on the job site using their smartphone or other handheld device. 

Nurture Customer Relationships

Today’s customers expect a modernized experience when dealing with service companies. When your technician pulls up a customer’s work order and service history on his or her smartphone, he or she immediately gives the customer a boost in confidence that the work will meet their expectations. And with easier customer history tracking, you can pair up customers and technicians on repeat visits, building a friendly rapport between your customer-facing team and the customers they serve. 

Reduce Costs

Running a field services company requires a lot of overhead. Field service management software allows you to save money in several ways:

  1. Reduced need for office staff. Gone are the days of manually logging every piece of data and transaction. With FSM software that does this work in an automated fashion, you won’t have to hire entry-level office workers. This gives your managers more precise control over simple analytics while also eliminating potential oversights. 
  1. Higher first-trip success rates. Technicians being unable to complete a job in a single trip is a common complaint among field service customers. With the Azuga app, your technicians will have all the information they need to prepare for and complete a job in a single visit. This saves your company money in the short term while creating potential income later through higher customer retention. 
  1. Better inventory management. With Azuga, fleet managers can reorder parts and supplies, perform an inventory check, and receive critical supplier alerts at any time. With better, more efficient inventory management, your field service company will save money by avoiding overstocking inventory.   
  1. Make better decisions with enhanced analytics. The more data you have, the better equipped you are to make sound decisions for your FSM business. Azuga’s analytics give you vital data points in real-time. By tracking your technician’s average job completion time, driving habits, and customer response times, you’ll increase your bottom line and enjoy the benefit of more satisfied customers. 

The Future of Fleet Management is Here

Today’s technological innovations have brought exciting changes to the field services management industry. As more breakthroughs are made in artificial intelligence, GPS systems, and IoT, Azuga will continue to serve the industry by creating new and innovative solutions. 
Ready to learn more about Azuga’s fleet tracking solutions? Read about our fleet tracking solutions for both small FSM businesses and enterprise-level companies today.