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Azuga Safety Add-Ons Boost Your Safety Culture

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We’ve discussed creating a safety culture often on this blog. To promote safety within your fleet, you need the best technology to back you up. That’s where Azuga comes in. Azuga’s comprehensive fleet management software covers safety end to end. Let’s discuss how our add-ons can keep your drivers safe. 

Azuga Coach

What Is It?

Azuga Coach is a series of training lessons drivers can use to learn better driving habits. However, it’s not just a library of videos. These lessons are paired with Azuga’s telematics data to target your drivers’ unique needs. 

What Are The Benefits?

This add-on is easy to use, and drivers can learn independently. Because the training targets drivers’ specific concerns, they won’t have to wade through hours of training that don’t pertain to them. This helps the training stick better. 

Azuga Coach integrates with FleetMobile. The lessons are short — only 15 to 20 minutes — and are automatically assigned on Mondays based on your drivers’ driver score. 


What Is It?

Azuga DriveSafe prevents drivers from being distracted by their phones on the road. It blocks calls, emails, texts, web use, or other apps while driving. 

What Are The Benefits?

Cell phone use is a major cause of distraction for drivers. 78% of accidents are caused by distracted driving. When drivers use their cell phones, they are four times more likely to have an accident. 

All you need to do is define your mobile use policy within the app. Then, you install Azuga’s OBD-II device in your vehicles and pair it with mobile devices through Bluetooth. Azuga’s DriveSafe software will automatically enforce your company policy from there. 


What Is It?

Azuga’s SpeedSafe add-on can monitor your drivers’ speed compared to the posted speed limit in an area. This data introduces context to regular speed monitoring. You can determine where the driver was speeding, the posted speed limit, and whether the driver is improving. 

What Are The Benefits?

Speeding is the cause behind 30% of fatal trucking accidents. Logically, the faster a vehicle is going at the time of an accident, the higher the likelihood of a fatality. SpeedSafe isn’t just a tool for monitoring speed in real-time. It helps you improve bad habits over time by providing reporting and analytical tools that assist in training. 

See These Add-Ons in Action

To see how these add-ons can benefit your fleet business, schedule a demo of our software with one of our experts today. 

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